No bass sound

when im playing songs with bass on BB manager there is no bass i can hear. I only can hear drums!

Can anybody help me?


What drum Kit are you using ?

I use different kits as “rock with bass” ben cajon with bass" and so on.

Do you use also kits with bass and do you have the same problem?


Yes I use both no issues just wanted to make sure you were using the with bass kits. Not sure now why that is happening.

i found out whats the problem. I seperated my kits with bass to use left output channel for drums and right output channel for bass. My pa is only connected as mono so i could not hear the other channel with bass.

Sorry about this.

Thank you anyway for your help!


Wow - Would of never figure that one out. Glad you found the issue

How do you do this? Is there a way to change the panning for particular instruments in a drum kit?

Well, sorry guys but i’m about to get mad about getting bass sound in supposedly drum and bass songs !

I have dowloaded drumsets with bass and song with bass but i get no bass sound from bb manager or bb itself and i can find no help in the forum or on the net…please help

Give an example. What song and what kit?

Hi, well I tried highway to hell with bass and Mr Jones v1 with SUB-Std Pro Pl Bass 0-31 and Rock ans Rick Bass 0-31drumsets

Download a 63 or 62 to 91 drumkit and try it. Quite a few songs have the bass programmed in that range rather than the 0-31 range. The other possibility is that a kit has the bass split from the drums, I.e. bass in right channel and drums in left. In those instances, you need to use both the right and left outputs.

I’m pretty sure you need a 63-91 kit.

Ok, i am gonna try this, but can you indicate one that i can grab on the forum ?

You got the sub Std Pro Bass 0-31. There is a 62-91 version, too.

WOW thousand thanks Phil :smile: You were right, it works this way ! I can go to bed now that I know this cause I know i will have fun playing tomorow !
You rule !


Where can I find the SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 drumkit?


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