No Loop Decay or Loop Decay Rate?

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The manual, on P61/62 mentions settings called Loop Decay and Loop Decay Rate, however I can’t see these in the song settings on my device (software version 5.1.1)?

An I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

The notes at the link state that loop decay has been removed.

Ok great, thanks for the swift answer!

Oh, that’s a shame, I was really looking forward to having loop decay available. Do we have any idea when this will return?

Oh dear… I bought this because it had loop decay, as documented with recent software updates (it was the only thing stopping me from buying it before!) … so I’ve had the Aeros for a couple of days and was scratching my head where the decay function was… so it has gone :frowning: Not a happy bunny.

If it ever does make a re-appearance I’d be very happy… also a decay time over a loop length (or several) would be bliss, so it’s not too sudden in operation.

Please can you let me know if it is being looked at or worked on. And why was it removed? Iunderstand the destructive nature could have been problematic for some…

Hey there,

We are working on it now, it is meant to be in the next release, it was removed because it was causing bugs in the way it was originally implemented, you are free to use the prior version 5.0.x if it doesn’t have other issues for your workflow, but it has been improved on in other ways since 5.1.x

The newer version of loop decay will also work more as people expected it to, the loop decay will enact automatically at every revolution of the loop during an overdub not only when a new layer is started

Thanks for the question

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Indeed the newer implementation proposed sounds a lot more like the Frippertronics style implementation and that’s a good thing! I can’t wait. Meanwhile, I have a lot to learn before I worry about rolling back software to get this function. Thanks again, and thanks to the development team for their hard work.

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@BrennanSingularSound, any updates on this? I’d really love to be able to use the loop decay feature.

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We do have a bittersweet revival of loop decay in beta 5.2.0

Read more here:

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Awesome, thanks for letting us know!