"NO SONG" on Beatbuddy after reformatting and saving Default SD Card files on sd card

Hello, my Beatbuddy has been working well until now. The screen of the Beatbuddy device says “NO SONG.” I have read previous posts about reformatting the SD card to FAT32 and downloading the default SD Card files from Singular Sound. The Beatbuddy still says “NO SONG.” I use the Beatbuddy manager, and that software works fine on my laptop. My laptop can recognize that there is a Beatbuddy project on the SD Card. I tried updating the firmware on the Beatbuddy, but the device is still getting stuck at “NO SONG.” Does anyone have any more suggestions in what I could do? Thanks.

Although it seems like you’ve already done so, try following the steps (yes, again, please) recently updated on this link. SOLUTION: "NO SONG" (error message)

If this still does not work, use a new SD card (SDHC, class 10, no larger than 32Gb). There is no need to format the new card as it is already properly formatted and ready-to-use out of the wrapper.

Hi! Thank you Persist. Buying a new SD card with those specifications worked!

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That’s super!

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