No Sound on Beatbuddy Mini - repair options

I have a Beatbuddy Mini, great pedal, I really like this pedal.

All of a sudden there is no sound, working one minute no sound the next. All functions seem to be working but I can’t hear anything, I have checked & changed the lead cables & amp.

Can anyone tell me how to repair this pedal, or where I can buy parts.

You could take the pedal into an electronics repair shop and they could probably diagnose the pedal to fix, find or replace anything. It could be a bad output connection (which is where I’d probably start) or check for obvious signs of burned out capacitor, transistor, or resistor. If repair shops are anything like in the U.S., you could probably expect to pay $100-$200 to diagnose and fix. If you have any hobbyist friends, they might be able to take a look at it for you: much less expensively but maybe not as reliable as a regular shop.

Or, you could open the pedal and look for fried components. They might be darkened or swollen. Here’s a video to give you an idea of how a repair technician solved his lack of power problem. Fixing my beatbuddy mini 1 no power problem - YouTube

Thanks for your reply.

It’s a great pedal, otherwise working ok, just a shame I can’t get any sound now.

I have taken the back off to look for any scorch marks, the board is clean. I have e-mailed back to Singular Sound Support to ask what part governs the sound, so I might be able to buy a part and get it fixed. SS do not have any parts to supply I have been told, so I would have to source elsewhere. It wasn’t a cheap pedal here in Australia, I thought I was buying quality product, seems to be a common problem all of a sudden no sound.

Hi Thanks for your response.

I have found a hobbyist who is looking at the pedal for me, he needs a circuit diagram for the Beatbuddy Mini. Do you know where I can find this please.



@BrennanSingularSound should be able to help.

If you can get the schematic and your hobbyist is able to fix it, please reply here to let us know what was wrong with it. Best of luck.

Hey, I DMed you