Nothing works correctly

since I do not get an answer in another thread I try it here one last time.
1 week ago I received my Looper from Thomann in Germany. Already when unpacking I found
no instructions but only a sheet with a poor manual before and a note about
Download a manual that is also very poor (no CC for Midi and so on)
I immediately made an update to the latest firmware which has gone surprisingly well.

From here, only disappointments followed!

  • no midi operability at all. Also no instructions.
  • (2x2 Mode) Although Beatbuddy dubbed the Eros Looper, the recordings always start when Record
    is pressed and not at the beginning of a bar. The settings in the Beatbuddy were all repeatedly tested but without success.
  • the same at (6x6 mode)
  • when playing the recording, only 1 bar is played, even though longer sequences were recorded
  • When updating always 2.2.0 is displayed even if the update was made. It will also be after an update
    Displayed up to date although the version number is not correct.
  • Often you can not delete recorded loops at all. Then it only helps to create a new song
    and then delete the old loop

All in all, the whole looper is very unfinished and not fit!

Is there a keyboard shortcut to put the looper in delivery state?

I feel left alone here and consider returning the looper and a corresponding review at Thomann
to give up if I can not get on and recognize that the Looper at least in its basic function
is fit.

The best thing you can do is to return it to Thomann in the next 7 days for a full refund, and then wait until you think that the Aeros is “fit for purpose”… I bought mine from Thomann and, as mentioned on another thread, I returned it.

I said I was going to wait and then buy it again when it is working properly, but having read all of the threads and feedback on here, I have lost faith in the product and (rightly or wrongly) I have formed the opinion that it will not work satisfactorily in any reasonable timescale.

For that reason I have bought a Headrush Looperboard instead. I really hope that the Aeros eventually satisfies users who are sticking by it and I should add that I am very pleased with my BeatBuddy and all of the extra beats that I have purchased.

Then I’m not alone with my experiences. I advise everyone who returns their looper to submit a corresponding rating. Thomann is Europe’s largest music mail-order company and here you can exercise a lot of pressure on the manufacturer of the loopers. Thomann offers a 30-day money back guarantee. For me this means that I will keep the looper until the end of the year. If the looper does not work then I send it back with a rating that certainly does not turn out well.

In my opinion Singular Sound should have made the Beatbuddy even better. Here you can also see that the BBMGR has not been updated for a long time. The same will happen with the Looper!

Hi @897 I apologize for missing your comments on the other thread. The best thing to do is contact us by email at and show us with a video what your issues are. It sounds like there may be some bugs with your unit that we can fix with a reset. If it is saying you have version 2.20 and you updated to the most recent firmware recently (2.11.1) then something is definitely wrong.

It does sound like you are using firmware 2.20, because the bug you mentioned where it only plays the first measure of a loop has been fixed.

It is true that we are missing some features (extended MIDI functionality), but we are releasing new updates every 2-3 weeks to add the missing features as well as new features based on what the community tells us is most important.

We expect all features that are mentioned in the manual to be ready by Christmas, with the exception of extended MIDI capabilities, which should be completed by mid-January.

After January we have some very cool features we will be releasing that we haven’t announced yet.

I would very much appreciate it if you didn’t leave a negative review on Thomann because that would hurt us long term and make it less likely we can afford to improve our products. Though it is your right to do so, of course.

Please do email us at and we will do our best to solve the issues you have experienced.

Thank you.

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Hello David,
I will try to make a video at the weekend that describes my problems. It is very annoying that such a high-priced device is delivered and then does not have the promised capabilities. How would you react if you buy a new car and after buying it determines that it drives but only has 1 gear. A little later you realize that although a CD changer for 10 CDs is installed but for the time being 1 CD can be inserted.

Maybe you can tell me already now how I can do a reset to the factory settings because in the current instructions I can not find anything there. Maybe this solves some problems?

I trust for the time being on your statements and hope that Midi by the middle of January (you mean 2020?) Will be finished.

You’re talking about cool features that haven’t been mentioned yet. In my opinion you should focus on the features that are guaranteed when the looper is sold!

Even though I may send the looper back, I will not give a rating for now, although I’m very upset. I waited a long time for this looper because I already have 2 Beatbuddy and due to the technical data of the looper I could have solved many problems in my songs.

It is up to you whether the looper is a success or a failure!


Hi Werner,

I completely understand why you are upset and I feel terrible about it. We did expect that all of these issues would be solved by this time, but you don’t know what you don’t know. So there are always surprises which cause delays. I’m not trying to make excuses or say that it justifies your bad experience, I’m just saying what happened. All we can do is do our best going forward.

Try upgrading your firmware to 2.11.1 using the SD card update method, as described in the post. If you are still having the issues you mentioned after the updates section displays firmware 2.11.1, then email us.

And yes, we haven’t mentioned the other cool features because we are still focused on the features we announced - we are committed to completing that first.

I do appreciate you not leaving a bad review despite your unpleasant experience. We will work hard to make it right.


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The problem is that unless a prospective buyer goes searching all over the internet to find the truth about a product, it’s easy to be misled by the advertising.

If you look at the Thomann website , the functionality of the Aeros is vastly overstated - it is sharp practice to sell something that is a long way short of the advert and then treat the customers as testers - UNLESS you make this clear from the start.

I am in the U.K. , so when I sent my Aeros (priced in Euros) back to Germany, the difference between the buying and selling rates for the GB Pound to Euros conversion cost me about 30 pounds. I did not do that lightly - as I said on another thread it was my own fault for not researching the Aeros fully before buying - but I wanted a fully functioning looper NOW, so I bought a Headrush instead.

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