NP Ludwig bass kit.

Who have for me these kit for The Beatles songs? Thanks.

If you have already purchased the Vintage Ludwig set from Singular, send me a copy of your proof of purchase, and then I will forward you a link for a Ludwig with Bass kit.

Thanks Phil, When I purchased the Vintage Ludwig set call you again.:slight_smile:

Thank you. Your order has been received.

[]Order Number: 25228
]Date: January 9, 2018
[]Total: $5.00
]Payment Method: PayPal
[SIZE=5]Order Details[/SIZE]

Vintage Ludwig Drum Set Ă— 1
Download file: VINTAGE Ludwig drum set v1.1 $5.00
Subtotal: $5.00
Payment method: PayPal
Total: $5.00
Order Again

Hi Phil, See above. Greetings Eric

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Please don’t post to open forum. Use Private message instead.

Okay, sorry.:frowning:

Bought the Ludwig kit but how send an private message so I can get the NP Ludwig bass kit?

Click on Phil Flood’s avatar and click on Start a Conversation


I can’t figure out how to private message Phil.


Hey Phil, I have the complete 2020 kit…
Looks like you have several drum kits I am going to need.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your purchase. Your purchased items are always available to you for download within your my account area of the BeatBuddy Premium Content Library.
|Payment method:|PayPal|

PM being sent.

Hey Phil,

Ben here can I get this drumkit as well. Already sent POP but if you need it again just let me know.

Hey, just thought about this, maybe you can come up with an unlock folder for those of us that have made the proper purchase. I think I will be bothering you for many drumkits lol


Dont see it…

Hey Guru, also, I’ve added about 10 drum kits and 50 songs. Now when I try to backup or sync it gets to a wav and fails with the only option available to ABORT. Not good! What happened to the Windows feature to “Skip” the problem file?

Anyway digging around I was not able to find out how to determine what was causing the failure. Sure it tells me what the name of the WAV file is and I deleted the suspect WAV, however once that was done it failed on a different WAV file. So my question is, is there a log file that will tell me what’s causing the failures?

Thank Again… It hurts to be a Guru lol

What size SD card are you using? There should be no suspect wav files in anything I have posted to the forum. These have been tested and used for some time. Likewise, the commercial products you picked up should be good. My instinct is that you filled up the SD card.

The other possibility is that you downloaded some kit of mine that hasn’t been used much, and that the kit really is screwed up. But, I would need to know which kit it was. If you go into BB manager and double click on the kit name for each the kits of mine that you downloaded (one at a time), you can examine the kit. You’ll get the drum kit maker window. There you’ll see the instrument names and wav files used for each instrument. If wav are showing up in red letters, those could be problems. If you find one let me know which kit. Otherwise, give me a list of the kits I made that you downloaded, and I can have a look.

Bingo, that was it. I have 2 32GB cards and the 1 4gbCard supplied with the BeatBuddy. I was trying to back up to the 4GB card and it must be full now. I was able to back up successfully to the 32GB cards.

So what happened to the Windows message, disk full? Any other disk or drive will give that message. What with the “ABORT” only message? LoL… I know your not a programmer but it’s like whoever programmed the Beat Buddy Manager never used a windows or from what I am reading in the forum’s a Mac computer in their lives. I am not a professional programmer but the basics taught in college are to use the calls in the OS anytime your writing a program.

Now I feel like an idiot! LoL

Do all your drum kits begin with NP?