Offline support for BBMO

Is there a way to run the BBMO offline?

For example, Morningstar’s editor has an offline version that you can download. It runs without an internet connection, when Morningstar’s servers are under maintenance, and for posterity in the worst case scenario future proofing your investment. I think they just dumped it into Electron.

If BBM is no longer supported, an offline version of BBMO would make up for much of the difference.

P.S. When will the wireframe graphics be replaced with images of the BeatBuddy ™? :wink:


This would be a good feature to have, to edit files even when you are in transit. Don’t have to wait for internet connectivity.

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I came here to download the beat buddy manager because i recently upgraded computers only to find online only version of the manager.

There used to be an offline version. It’s got to be around here somewhere.
having a cloud only version of the manager sounds kind of scammy to me…

BeatBuddy Manager 1.64 Legacy

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thank you! appreciate the quick reply