On-the-fly rop/rpo

I think I mentioned this in one of my million dialogs with Brennan, he made it sound like it may not have been doable, but it’s something I think is another kind of important free form thing… any way to make it so one can go from ROP to RPO in the song?

Here’s the scenario… lay down texture with overdub on track 1, another on track 2. On track three, I just want to loop something that doesn’t need the seamlessness, like just fade a chord or two in and out. There’s really no way to do that, because after the melody, there’s no way to just close the loop, as it goes right to overdub. Is there a way to perhaps switch modes while in the song? Maybe something in the mixer page? Really kind of important, as otherwise, one can’t do anything but drones, and scapes are often much more than that. One possible way to do this would be to designate it by track, beforehand, when setting up the song… tracks 1/2 ROP, 3/4 RPO, etc.

I know that’s not of the importance of the current beta, but just something I wanted to throw out there, as I often lay down the basic drone then want to loop other things on top, such as motifs and such. Thanks for being on top of all of this.


That is what I was thinking.

Yeah, Midi it is!
I actually suggested something like this in here MIDI CC for Global Settings

Hey all, this definitely could be useful, but it is not a very high priority for us, we can look into it and may decide to include it in the update for more MIDI mapping, question, is this better realized using PC or CC messages, is there any reason you’d prefer one over the other in this case? Since global settings don’t have extra parameters mostly, (other than click vol) I’d imagine PC commands would work fine, would love to know any thoughts on that. I mention all global settings because we figure we’ll look into allowing MIDI for whatever else will make sense.

Thank you for the feedback!

Personally, I think it is better with CC messages.
I’m using the Aeros with and ipad and a Korg nanoKontrol for example, so the only choice in this scenario are CC messages for actions like toggling inputs for the loop tracks, or enable/disable the click, etc.

I started a thread in the general Aeros section to see what other soundscapers are using for a workaround, and came up with an idea…I’d think something like a long press when it’s time for the overdub would then put it into play mode and not start the overdub. Could something like that work and be easy to implement, Brennan?

That’s not half bad, we will look into that suggestion, thank you!

If you did that, once you did that and the fade-outs, I’d never bug you, again!

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Aeros can now switch between ROP and RPO using MIDI as of beta version 4.1.2!

CC45 value 0 to set as RPO, CC45 value 1 to set as ROP

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Wasn’t this already possible with the ‘play automatically’ command? That’s what I’ve been using since the last one.

That is one way to do it! This is more specifically toggling the setting in the Device Settings, the other will always commit a track, and depending on use cases may be more useful!

I like using that ‘commit’ one, because I can just leave it in ROP and use that when I need to.