One Press?

I’m wondering why most of the files are for the one press. Personally, I like the flexibility of choosing when to go to fills, chorus, ending, and the one press locks you into doing songs one way.
So why not use midi files, if this is the preferred way?


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And the great debate continues: to one-press or not :confused:

MIDI source files are almost the same construct as the OPB in that they’re just a single file containing intro, verse, chorus, bridge, repeat, rinse and outro—the OPB songs sort of mirror that. To create a traditionally formatted song for the BB, it increases my effort by a large amount. For others, it might be easier. In the time that it takes me to to make one traditionally formatted song, I can put together 3 or more OPB songs. Some MIDI source files—especially the commercial versions might be easy to break down but the free source files I use aren’t.

So. The moral story is that you can have one of my beats in any format as long as it’s OPB. :smiley:

If I am doing a blues with a clear jam section, that traditionally is played in an open ended manner, I MAY structure the song as prejam, jam, postjam, so you have the open ended bit. Adding transitions and fills is very difficult when you are dealing with more than just drums, because you can’t be sure when they will be triggered and how that will affect the harmonies, thus you won’t see those in any of my songs. Were I doing just drums, I might work differently.

Bottom line, if you want songs with multiple bits, learn how to program the midi and build them. The OPB songs are very adaptable to that process, although, like I stated above, the fills and transitions can be problematic.

I think we can all agree that it’s great to have both options and that some tunes are made to jam long and some are made to just play straight through as they are. Just compose to your liking and playing style.

Thanks guys, that helped my understanding.

How do I know which songs are OPB? I have downloaded many of the songs I’ve purchased from the BB Website but so far haven’t found any that play the entire song all the way through…or maybe they would if I didn’t try and do the transition or fills? I like to have control of the beats, etc. but it would be cool on some songs to press once and let it play the entire song. Can ya’ll help me understand how to play the OPB?

None of the purchased songs are one-press. One press songs are available here on the forum in the Resources section.

They will usually be marked OPB, OPBk, or something similar, although sometimes one press songs get made and are not coded in the title.

If you do download a one-press song, read its description to see what drum kit is needed for it. Those are also usually available in the Resources section. They will not generally be kits you can purchase from Singular, as they are customized to include a bass and possibly other instruments.

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  1. Download the kit. Unzip the kit if necessary. Install the kit. File>Import>Drumset. Go to the bottom of your drumsets list in BBM. The kit should be there with an unchecked box in front of it. Check the box.
  1. Download the song. Unzip the song if necessary. Import the song to a folder of your choice, or make a new folder. File>Import>Song. There may be several versions of the song in the zip file. Pick the one or ones your want. The description or the song and the name of drumkit needed will typically be in the write up for the song on the Forum.

The drumkit from 1, should be associated with the song, and be ready to play. If there is an asterisk in from of the drumkit name in BBM,you will need to select the kit from the drumkit list to make the asterisk go away. Then you can play the song.

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Phil thank you so much for the response. You and so many others on here are a wealth of information and I do appreciate you taking the time to give me the instructions and the tips. I’ll check this out when I get home. I still need to download House of the Rising Sun (from previous post). I guess I need to start a journal and cut and paste all of the knowledge you guys have that you so unselfishly share with us. Thank you :slight_smile:

Stay Tuned :slight_smile:

@Guitargal58 I have some great songs for you. I have a very talented lady who sings with me now and again and I work up songs for her. (She’s to good to be performing with me but so far she hasn’t realized it.) She has the songs at a higher key. If you need them dropped down let me know. Watch the resources.

Sorry for the newbie question but is there a Glossary so we know what all the terms mean when you see them on the songs/drum kits in the resources area?
Whats the difference between OPB and OPBk ?? and there are many other BB forum tech terms Im trying to figure out but dont know where to find a glossary of acronyms.
I know OPB is One Press Button but what does the k represent?
Im sure there is a link to all the tech terms but couldnt find it
thanks for the help
sorry if its been asked before

It’s been posted somewhere, but the actual meanings can vary depending upon the song’s creator. K, though, pretty universally means keyboard. So OPBk is one Press bass with keyboard. Some others:
DOP - drums one Press - a drums only arrangement.
OPK - OPBk with the bass removed. An arrangement for bass players.
K - can mean piano, e-piano, organ, or a mallet instrument, i.e., vibes, etc.
H - usually horns, of any type.
G - usually guitar
S - generally Strings, but could be sax.

Traditional arrangement - has intro, main loops, transitions, etc.
Jam version - a modified OPB, set up as a prejam in the intro, a jam main loop that repeats until you don’t want it anymore, and a post jam outro that ends the song.

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Thanks makes sense now of course :slight_smile:
I dont come from the MIDI/music world even though I love music as a listener and hobbyist guitar player
You rock Flood!

Have a cup of coffee, browse the forum sections—there’s a wealth of helpful answers to most users’ questions:

Yes I have read a LOT of stuff in the forums and watched many YT vids but never enough…
I think the hard part for newbies is knowing WHAT search terms will result in the same desired result they want as it depends on how the first person posed the question

Sometimes you won’t have to use the search feature as the title of the post in the General discussion, Tips and Tricks and Technical Tips was posted with the intent of addressing user questions that have been asked more than once.

yup good stuff for sure. thanks

Cool what are the songs?

They’re in Resources. Search “posted by” Jacobson.

Tried that and it didnt work. came back with a reg minus/negative symbol