One touch midi song selection

I have made a video of how I set up Setlist Maker, BeatBuddy, and Voicelive 3 in a way that uses midi for song selection and beat clock sync. This all happens with one swipe across the face of an Ipad. I needed to be able to sync the drum sounds with the VL3 looper. I got that and more. You will need firmware version 1.77 or greater. The how to and connections are shown in the video.

Wow great video thank you for posting this is very helpful.
congrats on your retirement

Thanks, I have three weeks to go.

Hey can you type out the cables you used. I’m having a hard time seeing and hearing them in the video. Thanks


These are the four cables in sequence from the Ipad to the Voicelive 3.

Camera connector. Lightning to Ipad, USB to MIO USB.


USB to MIDI interface USB to Camera Connector. MIDI OUT to BeatBuddy IN. I don’t use MIO IN.


BeatBuddy breakout cable MIO IN and VOICELIVE 3 OUT


Standard MIDI BeatBuddy OUT to Voicelive 3 IN


Wow perfect thank yoiu

Wow that’s perfect thank you

Got a question about setlist maker… I have a huge library of song lyrics in GigBook, all pdf’s.
I also have a page turner pedal. Will all of this work in Setlist maker? I’m looking to move to an app that supports midi. I love GigBook but it has no midi functionality.
Also looking at OnSong.

I have a cheap Pageflip cicada Turner that I’m going to try and test with setlist maker this weekend. I’ll let you know if it works. What brand pager tuner padal are you using?

SLM will handle a variety of documents. I use Chordpro but I also have some pdf and txt files mixed in. Here’s SLM help page demonstrating this. Here’s the page turner help page

Sane one as you…cheap, but rugged.

Yup…thanks… Mine is listed. I’m really intrigued by this… It’s more involved than just importing off files, a lot to learn. The only thing I’m not clear on is how to get the “beats” from the pedal to SLM as you did. Also, I have my beats in a few different folders. You had them all in COMMON. So I’ll have to deal with that too.

The beats are not actually in SLM.

Yeah, I got that… But he imported his entire list of beat names. I need to listen to the vid again.

I tell ya Phil . I’m always miss interrupting what you say. LOL I’m sorry when you said - how to get the “beats” from the pedal to SLM - That to me mean beats and not name. My fault I apologize. I have it setup and working so I would be glad to help if you need it

No problem … I don’t take anything personally. AND we’re all sharing the same experience here, right? Part of the problem here is that the pedal uses the term “beats” whereas I use the term SONG. On my pedal, I have everything by song title. I only use BEATS when talking about the stuff that came with the pedal.
I haven’t purchased the app yet…probably later. Then I’d really like to know the steps you used to get it all done (if you don’t mind).

Not at all I really enjoy helping.

I was using a Boss DR3 before I got BeatBuddy and had worked through all of the beats/songs with that. It was very weak on 3/4 or 6/8 times and had no Odd times like 5/4 etc. That’s one of the reasons I got BeatBuddy. I have about 225 songs that I do and the only way to get it worked out is to play them against the different Beats. After about 20 songs I didn’t have to cycle through all of them and could reasonably narrow down the search quickly. The most difficult were the Bluegrass songs. Anyway, when I had them close I used BeatBuddy manager to put them all in one folder that I labeled Common. I did that in case midi failed during a gig and I had to use the footswitch to switch songs. The footswitch would only have to cycle through one folder of 35 beats rather than the entire list. I didn’t import them from outside. They are all BeatBuddy songs from the SD card. I simply clicked and dragged to a new folder that I labeled Common in BeatBuddy Manager then sync’d them with the SD card.

You get the beats into Setlist Maker when you set up the Midi Preset folder in SLM and enter in the LSB and PROGRAM numbers (folder and song number from BeatBuddy file lists). That’s where they come together with BeatBuddy. Setlist Maker then knows how to address Beats in BeatBuddy.

There is a free software program called “Chordsmith” that will easily convert a song to Chordpro. If your form is “Chords above the line” then converting to Chordpro is simple. I like Chordpro because it’s so common and easy to edit. The downside is that there aren’t many apps that recognize these files. However, Setlist Maker likes Chordpro very well and you can save them to Dropbox.

Thanks for the explanation. Only thing is… I don’t really use the beats. Each of my songs,on the pedal, has a true song name and IS the actual song… Example, on the pedal, in folder BEATLES, I have TICKET TO RIDE, which is the drum and bass line. I have about ten different folders that I use… So, I’m wondering if it will still work? I’m thinking it should as long as SLM has the correct folder/entry info.
I wonder also, if I can first select a song from folder BEATLES and then select a song from folder STONES?

By the way… What happens when you add something to your COMMON folder? Or re-order tunes on the pedal? Also, In the App Store I see two different Songbook apps, one called GuitarTap Chordpro (free) and the other called Songbook Chordpro ($7.99). Which one?