Output assignments per track

Sorry if this is elsewhere but I wanted to really stress the need for per track output assignments instead of just a stereo buss output assignment. Right now it seems to be one stereo buss and two stereo outputs when imo it needs to be 2 stereo busses with the ability to route the tracks to either buss and therefore different outputs, not just the stereo buss to two outputs like now. There’s no point in multi outs if you can’t route to them except to have a copy in another location which I can’t really understand the benefit.

Tracks having the ability to route to different places by the means of output assignments and panning create 4 outputs instead of 2. Like tracks on a mixer being able to be routed to the main out or the sub groups in pairs and the pan knob then selecting the out (L=1, R =2)

This is how you create the environment of dual mono.

By default each of the outputs of a stereo track is hard panned L/R to insure the correct stereo field but with 2 stereo busses and if track output assign and track panning existed you could send any side of any stereo track to any of the four outputs. That’s the flexibility I assumed it had when I researched and bought it for it’s 2 stereo outputs almost two years ago now. (My fault for not digging enough, SS’s fault for being so slow)

Ie. I want to be able to put a guitar in L, a bass in R and have the Aeros in an fx loop from my mixer in the aux and have guitar/bass go to their respective amps and have the mixer instrument route back to the mixer. Was pretty disappointed to learn it can’t but I’m trying to have patience.

Hey there,

We are working towards this in the near future, it is part of how we want the Aeros to work and will be exploring the full potential soon.

In essence we want to allow Main In 1 to be solely routed to T1 which in turn can also be panned and/or routed to a specific out.

There is still some way to go with this but it is in our development timeline.

You can read a similar issue about this here:

Thank you for your post! Stay tuned :slight_smile: