Overdubs in 5.0.3 not playing back

Hey brains trust

I’ve recently updated to the new software via wifi and have noticed that sometimes my first overdub track won’t playback. It appears in the loop visually but only the original loop will be audible. I’ve got my aeros paired with the MM and i’ve noticed the sound for the overdub comes back if you undo then redo the track.

This is happening in 2x2 mode free form, and happens from time to time on both tracks.

Also if someone can help me on how to save a 2x2 loop with a locked track 1 permanently that’d be great, can’t seem to get it done in this new software update.


Yep I get this too .
Just delete your song from the list and create a new one .
I roll back to 5.0.2

Personally it think over dubbing is stupid and would like to shut it off. Reminds me of bouncing tracks. Always a lossy situation. And I’ve tapped my foot one too many times, one too many times…argh it tis my enemy.

Thanks NYHC. I’ll give that a go today! I still need to work out how to permanently lock track 1 again, as the new update has caused lock tracks to clear every time i wipe a song.


I noticed this, thought it was my operator error.

Hoping admin can see this and sort this bug.

@BrennanSingularSound not sure if appropriate to tag you but also not sure if you / SS picked up on this thread. Kind regards Carl

Must be a bug. I cleared all my songs and started new ones and still have the overdub playback issue unfortunately. Luckily I’ve found a little workaround for all my gigs but it does make things hard

Video over this bug is sending to support, you can take a look please
And hope a fix for this issue

Hey there guys thank you for your patience it appears we may have found the bug it’s more straightforward to reproduce than you’re thinking

  1. In 2x2 freeform or quantized mode with loop decay off or on and sync length on
  2. Start a recording, commit the recording
  3. Start an overdub at the beginning of the loop (easiest but can be started anywhere)
  4. Bug: commit the overdub at the same place where you started it. Overdub will not play back until it is undone and redone

Let me know if this is what you guys are seeing, we believe it is

Thanks for reporting we are obviously looking into it to have a fix asap!

Yes that’s it !

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Here is my overdub problem which appears in both modes 6x6 and 2x2:
Once I start a song all over (after deleting it with “hold play/stop all”) overdub doesn’t work as it should anymore.
As you can see in the video. After the first round of recording I go straight into Overdub mode. Graphically my playing seems to be recorded but it won’t playback. But when I hit the button again and then go back to overdub again - my last overdub take will be playing back (!) - but the momentary “layer” of newly recorded overdubs won’t play back as well - until I start a third round. And so on and so on…
Sorry for the bad video, but you get an idea…https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrvylnclqddzvji/IMG_5709.MOV?dl=0

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I confirm the same bug with 6X6 mode
The looper is very difficult to use currently with layers
You never know when the problem will happen

yeah this ruined my day so that’s two days in a row LOL. I thought it was just me and I’m glad it’s been identified as a bug. I always use ROP and almost always click out of O very quickly after catching any tails so this bug was driving me insane.

Info on fix timeline would be appreciated when available As this was first spotted a month ago, and since it breaks a core function of looping, I would have expected this release should be pulled off the shelf instead of having all users get prompted to update to this and break their looper :confused:

Hey all,

We are still not 100% sure where this bug came from, and its lack of being able to be readily reproduced is also making it harder to pinpoint.

While this sounds bleak, we are almost certain this is being caused by the Loop Decay code, while this also seems like very bad news, it is not such bad news because secretly we have been working on a newer version of loop decay that removes some of the button functions in order to simplify code and allow for the logic and allow for continuous loop decay to happen at every overdub loop seem. This is planned for a later release (5.3.x). The complexities of the loop decay code and our multiple button states was also causing a number of issues elsewhere, which is why we have this hunch.

What this means is that our plan is to have the next version (5.1.x) come out without the old Loop Decay to fix this issue from happening. Then, in a later version (5.3.x), loop decay will work as desired as it does with other devices like the ditto, the overdub and base layer will decay every time the loop starts over, this will make it easier to on the fly have frippertronics style loop decay

We do not have a estimate for release but we are in final stages of internal testing which means it is likely not very long

Thank you all again, for your reporting and feedback

More news soon


thanks for the update Brennan. Once I learned from this thread that the bug affects overdubs that end at their start, I have just avoided doing that and haven’t experienced the bug so I guess it’s liveable as long it’s something that users are aware of. Is there a published draft of the work-in-progress change log for each release that includes current bug tracking, where people can read up on any issues like this before they go crazy wondering why their loops aren’t playing?

Have exactly the same issue. Except I use the 6x6 mode. And with pressing the undo/redo foot switch on the Midi Maestro the overdub finally played.
It seems completely random as to when I have the issue. It is not constant - not even within the same song and on the same track.

Thankfully this is fixed internally and will be available to users very soon

Thanks all for the feedback and reports!

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The fix for this bug is implemented in beta 5.1.0!

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