Panic! black / dead BB after SD update

Hello all - I see that people have experienced this before. I’m in a panic as I leave for tour in the morning for a sold out tour. The BB is the most crucial piece of gear i use (to run my midi looper) and i can’t do my show without it. If anyone sees this, please help?

I have tons of custom kits for songs on my BB.
Saved to the orig SD card. All was well.
I decided to copy my content to a new card - all good there - using the BBManager software. I did put the FW on the new card first, as suggested (MS DOS FAT 32, did not format).
plugged it in, the BB says “updating FW”. i wait several minutes and the screen went blank (i can’t remember if it was blue/on or went black). so I unplugged it.

now the thing will not power up, using the old card, or the new one.
i saw the instructions here but i’m scared to try it.
any tips???

i am really really freaking out. i can’t believe this is happening now. My fault yes, for the timing, but if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.

this was the instructions i read

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Sorry I could not get back to you any sooner.

Try these instructions instead: Pedal does not power on

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

Hi Persist - thanks for your reply. I dont’ have a spare 4GB card and won’t be able to get one today. I have an 8gb SD card which was used for the backup i was making.

i am admittedly frantic. i have to leave for tour tomorrow am & the BB is the cornerstone of my setup and i can’t play my show without it. is there any way you could walk me through this?

Sent you a PM. Please check your inbox.

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I suspect the problem is that you unplugged it mid-update. I also suspect @persist has you covered. But, pro tip: Own two of everything you absolutely rely on to put on a show. That includes the Beat Buddy.


Problem resolved.

BTW, users can find the PC and Mac instructions on how to restore a pedal by searching this forum for “bricked pedal”

Make sure you use the quotation marks to minimize the search results.


I haven’t looked, but are there or shouldn’t the forum have troubleshooting ‘stickies’ for this sort of thing rather than a user having to post a problem and then have to search for a resolution? It’s also something SS should have on their site as well.

I’ve pinned several of my posts, some globally but only for a limited time.

If stickies other than pinning threads or posts is possible, I’m all for it.