I’m completely new to this. I’m wondering how to get the BB to pause and resume in the middle of a song. I have the midi maestro as well but i’m unable to change the functions and layout of that. I assume that is coming with the App?

If you have a remote foot switch, these settings might be helpful: Suggested Remote Foot Switch Settings

We are expecting the app to have those capabilities. No idea of when we’ll see the app though.

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Thank you for the response. I was hoping to do this with the midi maestro mostly because of real estate on my pedal board adding another pedal may not be an option. is there a way of doing this with the main pedal?

@Adambeck Maestro should be configurable to allow you to assign any MIDI function to any foot button… hence MIDI Maestro… controlling everything that is controllable via MIDI. I don’t have one but understand that is what it is all about? I could be wrong. :roll_eyes:

You are correct!

The MM can do this, but the pause function was not included in the Maestro’s BB mode settings, because that feature is already in the footswitch. You can create a custom mode and add that function in though, with the app. Which is out now on google play, just search ‘singular sound midi maestro’. iOS version coming soon (2-3 weeks)!

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What does the app use location for?

It’s a requirement for the Android Bluetooth low energy module. It’s required by the Android operating system but we do not receive any location data ourselves, it is not available to us as developers.

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Just click Deny.

You can, but the app won’t work without it.

I’m not bothered about giving the permission, I was just wondering what they were using it for.

Thanks. That’s interesting. Can’t wait to try that out on the iOS app. Location Services is a fundamental privacy setting and iOS users usually have the option of Denying it without affecting the functionality of the app.

Yeah, denying gives you this

tapping ok just prompts for the permission again

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I believe it’s only a Google Play Store thing.

Edit : scratch that, @persist says iOS may have same requirements for BT to work. We’ll see once it’s up!

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I was told that the iOS version was to be out any day. That was a couple of weeks ago I’ve been waiting to be able to connect to that my Midi maestro. Since I received it a couple weeks ago. Come on guys let’s get this damn app our

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I think from what I am understanding, I have to wait for the app.

Correct, the app will give you expanded control capabilities.