Pedal Power for the Beat Buddy

I have a Voodoo Lab 2 Plus power supply on my pedal board and need to know if I can safely power my Beat Buddy with it. It says use a 9V 500mA only and I don’t find that exact setting on the 2 plus. It came with a power adapter but would be easier to power with the 2 plus. Thanks

Just look and the highest rating on the outlets is 250 and information I could find rates the BB power consumption at 300.
So… no.

@echoraven is right; other users have posted to this forum that when powering their BeatBuddy with the PP2+ that it either did not power up or that their BB acted strangely.

Although not quite what you are looking for, you could use the auxiliary outlet on the back of the PP2+ to plug in the BB pedal power adaptor which is what I’m doing.

Or you could get a supply that can deliver at least 300mA at 9V.

I am using a Truetone One Spot Pro CS7 to power both a Beatbuddy AND a Boomerang 3!

It has TWO isolated 500ma 9v DC ports.

I don’t run by Beat Buddy through my amp (it just kills the dynamics) so I just used it’s included power supply…

Sorry for resurrection of an old thread, but I just got a Voodoo power plus 2 myself… I’m trying to figure out if I can can get the current doubler cable they sell & and plug into ports 5&6… (250ma each) with the dip switches in the normal position. This should work shouldn’t it?

The CS7 works great for me with the BB and other power-hungry pedals.

Truetone also states this:
“Although we had to put power rating labels on each output to satisfy certification agencies (yes, we actually certified these, unlike most companies), the outputs can generally handle far more than the label shows. For example, you can connect a 300mA pedal to a 200mA output, without causing any problems. With a transformer-based power supply, you can’t get away with that. The important thing is to not exceed the total of all the labels. With a CS7, the output labels add up to 1900mA total.”

It should, but why not use the convenience outlet on the back of the PP2+ for the BB power adaptor?

As a word of caution, several users have complained that the power tips from other power sources don’t fit the BB well enough to provide a reliable and uninterrupted power connection.

This might help:

I can’t quite do that because of how I have it mounted under my main pedalboard. The BB plug won’t fit under there…

Is anyone using the “1 Spot” with your Beatbuddy?

Quite a while ago, some users mentioned using the One Spot with their BB pedal:

As a rule of thumb, I use my modulation, looper, delay and BB pedals with their provided power adaptors. I’ve never had any noise or power supply problems.

I have 2 separate boards. One powered by a PP2+ and I plug the BB power adaptor into the convenience outlet of the PP2+. It works flawlessly. I also use a One Spot on another board and it also works just fine. I’m very careful that the pedals connected to the One Spot don’t exceed the 1700mA rating. I don’t have the digital noise issues that some reviewers have mentioned. Have I tried the One Spot with the BB? Yes, I did, and it worked okay but using it on the other board would have exceeded the 1700mA and so I kept it on the board with thePP2+.

Here’s a pretty good run down from another forum. Note the troubleshooting posts provides a pretty good overview.

Great info! I was a bit concerned that it may cause some issues with polarity. Getting over my laziness, I actually did a little research and saw that it will not hurt the Beatbuddy if I try. So I’ll give a try this evening. Using only one additional pedal will not exceed the amperage draw…Thanks again!

I tried the 1spot with my big buddy today. Wow, was it noisy. I will definitely stick with the original power source. I was very surprised how noisy it was.

I tried that as well… definitely a no-go using the 1spot… I’m waiting on an adapter to try and use the PP2…

Thanks for sharing your findings.

Like many digital pedals, the BB does not play well with others. It seems particularly prone to transmitting digital noise to other pedals and daisy-chaining is not good. Requires its own isolated power supply.

Even plugged into the 1spot by itself was way too much noise. It increased when I added my delay pedal. That is the only other pedal I use.

The takeaways from this thread are that while the 1 Spot might be good for analog pedals, it’s not so good for digital pedals—especially when daisy-chaining digital and analog.

Where I mix analog and digital pedals, I power the analog pedals from my PP2+ and use separate power adaptors for my digital pedals. At one time I connected all my digital pedals thru my PP2+ and while I didn’t have noise, the connection to my BB pedal just wasn’t making a solid enough connection for me to trust powering it from a brick.