Pedal won’t recognize SD card

My Pedal suddenly won’t recognize my SD card that has always worked before. It just says “no card.” I tried my backup card and that just reads “no song.” Both SD cards load into my laptop and all the content is there.

Hi Pat welcome to the forum.

We’ve seen this issue before

And the link to the default content update for your SD card is here Download SD Card backup v2.0

Does this mean it’s going to replace all the songs on my SD card? I have hundreds of songs there that I’ve spent much time customizing.

The pedal says “no SD card” when I put my regular card in. It read “no song” when I tried it with the my backup card.

In the BBM, export all your folders as pbf files to your desktop. Once you’ve repaired your SD card you can import them in again.

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I downloaded an SD backup and then reinstalled my SD contents into it but the pedal still wouldn’t read it. Then, I tried a brand new card AND downloaded the latest firmware which I hadn’t done in a few years and that card now works fine with all my content.

What’s strange is that the pedal still won’t recognize the card I’ve always used AND my backup as well. Odd that both cards could go bad at the same time. But at least all is well now and thank you for your help.

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You’re right. Unusual for 2 cards to go bad at the same time. Check that they are unlocked. Delete the contents and then copy the new firmware to the card. Copy the default content to the card and if it works, you have a backup card.