Percussion files not playing back in Right output

Hi, I‘m using percussion beats, in which shakers, cabasa etc are panned to the right. With the left (mono) output they’re almost inaudible. With the right output everything is fine. So there is either no mono output, or the outputs have been swapped and the right one provides mono.


If you haven’t updated your firmware, it is a know issue that the “L/Mono” output jack is very much “L” but very much not “Mono.” The whole summed to mono thing never worked from the get-go – the pedal remained stereo – and was only resolved a year or so ago with a firmware update. So anything panned hard right would all but disappear in the left channel.

(See No MONO Output for an example)


thx for your reply. I updated the firmware, but I think it’s much older than a year