Phil Collins Kit

I wish I was sharing it!

Instead, I’m hoping either the BB team or someone post it once available. I REALLY want that kit. :mrgreen:

I want an 8-bit drum kit :slight_smile:

By the way, what’s so special about Phil Collins Kit? I tried checking some youtube videos with him, but was unable to grasp the trick.

YouTube and search for “In The Air Tonight” - That’s the “Phil Collins” drum sound he’s most known for. … sound.html

Agreed, that would be a really nice addition to the drum sounds!

This and one or more lo-fi kits would be on my list.

Dont want to be a smart ass, but I just share a pearl if wisdom here. Phil Collins was playing on Peter Gabriel’s ‘Intruder’(cd4) when the engineer flicked some wrong switches and some mikes picked up the whole room instead of just what they were meant to pick up. There were strong gates on the drum mikes. So they opened up wide when Phil hit the drum and closed completely after that. They loved that ‘accident’ and used it. Phil took the idea with him. You can read the more detailed story in Gabriel’s bio.

Just thought I would let everyone know - I have been editing/creating kits, so I’ve started working on what I call the “Collins80s” kit, which will be the drum sounds from “In The Air Tonight.” The actual song file is already completed. :sunglasses:

I have a working kit now, but I realize it’s not where I’d like it to be, so as soon as I’m done, I will share it here. I’m actually using samples from the recording, so where the sounds are isolated, I can do a direct copy/paste into Audacity. For the rest I’m just going to approximate and use Audacity effects where needed. I just downloaded the Roland CR-78 kit samples from to use as well, since that’s what was used in the original recording for the first 3 minutes.

My duo plays tomorrow night and we’re adding the song. Should be fun!

Could you post the SNG file here for In The Air Tonight?

Yes, of course, but it won’t sound right without the specific kit.

Currently, I’m having a problem with BB Manager and associating two separate kick drum files and their respective midi notes. I need to use an electronic kick from the Roland set for the first part, and a processed “real” kick drum for the second part. Using midi notes 36 and 37 - no go. Only getting one of the two (36). Weird.

Currently, in my Collins80s drum set I have midi note 37 set as the “real” kick drum, and 36 for the electronic kick. In Anvil Studio, I have the first section set to use midi note 37 but it’s playing the electronic kick sound (note 36).

Any ideas what’s causing this? Can BB only have 1 kick drum sound in a kit? I created test song called “Bass drum test” with 1/4 note hits, using midi notes 36 and 37. Only one note plays regardless of kit selected. Anvil Studio shows it as midi note 37. Midi note 36 is in the second measure and never plays.

Well, first. Looking from the General MIDI mapping, using MIDI note 37 feels simply wrong to me - as it is supposed to be a Side Stick. Won’t it be better for you to use MIDI note 35 (Acoustic Bass Drum) for your “real” drum?

Second, I believe the behavior you are describing can be somehow related to Choke Group. To be honest, I have no idea as of either how it works, or how it should work. Though, I’d play with that option.

As far as I know, as long as an overall drumset size (all of it’s WAV samples together) is not more than 100Mb, you are good to go with any number of any type of sounds, be it drum or not.

Lastly, I see your songs pretty often, so actually it will be honor for me to try to help you :slight_smile: If you shared your drumset (or link it, if you already did) for me to check out, I’ll definitely have a look. I think I will also need a collection of your WAV samples you use as well, as they are currently no extractable from the drumset (and I still haven’t ported the software to my 64-bit Windows).

OK, I’ll upload all the files to my own website, and PM you the directory link. Easier than DropBox.

Yes, I was wondering about note 35, but Anvil Studio doesn’t show it as a drum sound, although General MIDI spec show it as Kick Drum 1. And all the BB drum kits use note 36 for kick.

Also, here’s a MIDI file for a simple “bass drum test.”

Per Anvil Studio, the first measure beats (4) are MIDI note 37 (Bass Drum), the second measure beats are MIDI note 36 (Acoustic Bass Drum). Both sounds play in Anvil but only the first one in BB (either Manager or the pedal), using any kit (which should be playing MIDI note 36). Very strange!

OK, figured it out. Should be using MIDI note 35 and 36. Anvil Studio Acoustic Bass Drum is actually mapped to MIDI note 35 (B2), not 36, and Bass Drum is mapped to MIDI note 36 (C3) not 37. I had to switch track type from Rhythm to Instrument and view note properties. Anvil Studio program bug?

Anyway, here it is, as it currently exist.

Collins80s Drum kit -

[From my PM to c.granger]:

So, first of all, some of your MIDI files are totally not quantized - where did you get them from?

Second, what is your issue again?

In the “in the air tonight-bigtom-transition1.mid” you use MIDI notes that have no samples in your drumset - like 41, 45.
In the “in the air tonight-main1.mid” you use absent MIDI note 41.

Other from that, your drum set is suitable for playing your song.
BTW, when I added “Bass drum test3.mid” as your song intro (just for test), I made sure, that note 35 is indeed audible.

One last note - are you sure you have your “Collins80s” chosen in the combobox on the top of the BBManager (next to Play and Stop buttons)? If there is no such choice available, make sure you have your drumset checked in Project Explorer (bottom left side) > Drum Sets.

The MIDI was copy and pasted from the drum part of the MIDI file I downloaded. I didn’t write it.

We rocked this last night. I triggered the the transition fill with the big toms and half the bar turned their heads to look. :lol:

The verses part sound just like the recording. However, I plan to edit the chorus part after the big drum fill. Whoever composed the original MIDI used too many extra beats to simulate echo. Don’t care for that.

A few more tweaks for the kit as well - the “real drum” sounds. The CR-78 samples are spot on.

That’s cool! :slight_smile:

Pleased to inform you that the Phil Colins-inspired kit has been made and will be available as soon as the BeatBuddy content store is up. We are waiting on the Mac software to be completed and released before opening the content store.
It will be well-worth the wait: the kit sounds very authentic. Drums were set up, tuned and recorded much like Phil Colins does. They were processed and mixed in the same manner. It is very punchy and you’ll get all the dynamic layers and multiple samples as with the default BeatBuddy kits.

Wow, that’s great! Awesome news :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work, and probably when the store opens we’ll have even more cool drum sets to download!

BeatBuddy Content Store? That sounds awesome! Do you know when it will go live?