Play/stop button latency because of release configuration

The play / stop pedal works when you release it. Is it possible to change the programming? We have to start playback or stop instantly. In the current configuration, there is a latency wich results from the fact that the command works when we release the footswich. The commands have to works when we tap the footswitch.
When you want to start playback in time with the drummer the actual configuration don’t let you been in time.


Wow. This explains a lot!

I can see why SS would do this to make it easier to support hold and double tap commands.

It’s tricky, but not impossible, to have all those with a button down action.

@Richo, what are you talking about? On the Aeros (2.13.2) there’s no settings on the pedal menu to configure press or release.
We are talking about the Play/stop all button. This button works when you release your foot from it cause a latency, beacause generaly you need to start or stop the loops when you tap with your foot (no when you lift your foot).

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I saw the post but didn’t notice the name of the thread. My bad. Carry on. :slight_smile:

When you do Play on the looper it only starts when you lift your foot and it makes it unusable when you want to start or restart loops in tempo (over a drummer for example). So you could tell me to press before and release just on the time: well, it’s a bit tricky because if you press more than 1/2 s you trigger the [Delete all?] menu.
If it’s not really configurable, it makes this Looper difficult to use. So much so that if I don’t find a solution I’ll have to send it back for a refund.




+1 (for all buttons, also recording)

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-5 (i just wanted to be contrary.) You guys do know, you can just click on the heart on the message you agree with to show that you like it, right?

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Yes, I am also +1 on this. I have noticed a slight slight delay when triggering a loop that I have already laid down to start again. Definitely a flaw that I hope will be fixed soon! Also hoping for those synced tracks, as I feel like the looper capabilities that I really had hoped for are not there, and the Aeros for me is just simply a basic looper, in it’s current freeform state. @DavidPackouz. any updates or thoughts on this stuff. Thanks!

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Yes, but it’s also possible to express yourself, right ?

Sure, but it gets real annoying when I check the forum for new posts and all I see is a +1. That doesn’t tell me anything. Oh, you agree. That’s nice. Add something to the discourse.

Hi guys, we will be making a setting to make this play/stop all button work on the downpress. Of course, this will make you lose the ability to hold the button to clear a song, so it’s a trade off.

As long as there’s some other way to clear it, that’s a minor inconvenience. Granted, when I’m frustrated from blowing the take and need to clear, I’m going to get annoyed to reach down to the floor.

That said I think you can still support both (button down and hold) with a minor compromise during a clear if the Aeros was already stopped:

  • The play/stop action would take effect (you’d hear the loop or it would stop playing)
  • Then the clear would happen (after the button hold time had elapsed). The loop would also stop playing (clear implies stop; sounds odd but it’s expected in practice).

This might be a good tradeoff. It only matters if you were already stopped as you’re going to stop either way. Most of the time I use clear when the loop is still playing, Also clear happens rarely in a live situation where the audio blip would matter… If you do clear in a live situation while you are stopped, then you could lower the volume via the scroll wheel to avoid that surprising audio burst, or use the oncreen method to clear (whatever that turns out to be)

Pontification: Here’s how I think about multiple types of actions (down, hold, double tap) on the same button: It works well if both actions are “compatible”. By “compatible” I mean it needs to be OK if the action from the down action also happens every time you do the other actions.

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Ok, how will we be able to clear the song at that point? Thx!

We could make it an option for a second of audio to be played while you hold down the Stop All button before the song is cleared. I think that’s a good compromise – if you’re in a live situation, just lower the master volume before doing that, as suggested by @Quad - I like that idea.

We can also add a ‘trash’ icon to the home screen to clear the song by bending down and touching it.

I agree that this is a crucial thing to implement - we will do it.


It would be nice to have ALL stop actions as well as all undo/redo/delete and jump to part actions to be configured with just one global system or song parameter as
-trail (run track till the end of the loop then execute)
-fade (execute immediately but fade track out/in till the end of the loop).

This would be very simple rule that would work really sweet and resembles the way the Infinity looper works. I remember a member of this forum that made a great Aeros demo a few months ago asking for this functionality, but I did not see his proposal in this thread.