Play That Funky Music - DOP, OPB & OPBk (UPDATED)


  • NP Standard Pro Bass
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware ≥ v1.8.5 (recommended)

    Includes: Song, chords & lyrics and midi source file

Download Here

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Wild Cherry


  • Count-in included
  • What’s updated? Different source file (not included); 2 new versions; adjusted velocities; refreshed cheat sheet & chord chart
  • UPDATED 09/07/2022: Link (in blue font) to new user resources

Song version_________Suggested kit

v1 DOP______________Rock
v2 OPB______________Rock_V2_Bass_2_31
v3 OPBk_____________Motown Piano & Brass

Includes: 3 songs, MIDI source file, chord chart and Chords & Lyrics

Play That Funky Music - Wild (127.9 KB)

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Hello, Do you have a version of Play That Funky Music that keeps going until you stop it? I’m looking for a longer version for dancing or jamming.


I don’t but I’ll see what I can do.

That would be sooooo awesome!!! Thank you!

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Hello Persist,

Wondering if you had any luck with adding repeating verses & chorus and then a final Outro to your version of this song so someone can stretch the Jam until pressing the BB to end?

There’s a couple of different ways to approach your request. Follow along with the cheat sheet to see what I mean:

  1. Intro, bridge as jam loop and outro (three sections)
  2. Intro, after verse 2, make the pre-chorus, chorus and bridge as the jam loop and the outro begins with verse 3
  3. Intro, after verse 2, make the pre-chorus, chorus, bridge as verse 3 as the jam loop and the outro begins with the final chorus

Of the two options, the second one doesn’t sound quite as repetitive. I’m assuming you want the OPBk version, right? Let me know which one you prefer. Note, I’m proposing breaking this down into only Intro/Jam Loop/Outro and not by each of the songs verses, pre-chorus/choruses, bridges and outro (that’s much more work than I’m capable of putting into it :rofl:)

It usually takes me about a week to get around to whatever’s in my queue but this has been a busier than usual couple of weeks (I still have songs in front of your request) so I won’t be able to complete and post your song until the latter part of next week.

Yes, I absolutely agree. Option #2 is the way to go and much more band realistic.
So it would go like this (if possible…):

INTRO / Verse (V1) / Pre-chor, / Chorus / V2 / Pre Chor / Chorus / Bridge JAM repeat until I press BB / Then OUTRO V3 / Pre Chor / Chorus / repeat Pre Chor, Chorus / then ending (Can you hold the ending chords/bass for a bit longer? If not that’s fine. Just wondering as it allows me to add ending fills.

Much Respect. Thank you!

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oh, yes, sorry. OPBk with bass

The song has been worked up in 2 jam-friendly formats. There are two OPB versions:

  • v2 JAM is a straight-forward OPB Intro/Jam Loop/Outro
  • ALT v2 JAM is an OPB Intro/Jam Loop/Outro Loop (where you can add a Drum or Transition Fill before double-tapping for the Outro (which is blank)
  • ALT v3 includes horns Intro/Jam Loop/Outro Loop (where you can add a Drum or Transition Fill before double-tapping for the Outro (which is blank)

v2 JAM and ALT v2 JAM require SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31
ALT v3 JAM requires NP Standard Bass Horns

JAM Play That Funky Music - Wild (85.2 KB)


I see you finished this! Thanks for doing this! Where do I obtain the SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 drum set for V2? I tried a few different sets that I have but none of them seem to sound right. BTW, Both SNG files are labeled SNG.v3 so I was getting confused at first. I have the drumset for V3 so that is the version I’m using right now.

Thanks again,

I can see how this was confusing—my apologies. What I’ve done is:

  • renamed the songs so that the versioning now precedes the titles;
  • updated and replaced the attached zip file in my post 7 (above);
  • added an ALT v2;
  • rewritten the text body in post 7 to hopefully clarify what the versions do—I think that the ALT v2 song more closely aligns with your request so that you can add “ending fills.”

Fantastic! Thank you. I was able to fiddle around with the versions using alternate kits yesterday and was very happy with them! I’ll try with the standard Pro w/bass.

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