Playlist alphabtically

I used the bb loader to carefully set up the playlist alphabetically. After, saving and syncing thr playlist on bbfff is not alphabetically organizes…. Why?

We suggest not using the BeatBuddy Loader and only using the BBMO

Please read more about the BBMO here:

The BeatBuddy Loader will no longer be supported.

I like bbmo, but i deleted my playlist bbmo, and then carefully alphabetized a new playlist. This correct on the bb pedal. What is not correct is the bbff display of the playlist it is no longer alphabetical….

So is this a sync problem with bbff?

Hello there,

Please show us a photo of the specific thing you would like to see changed, right now it is not clear what you are asking for

You should make your playlist from scratch on the BBMO, do not try to use the BeatBuddy Loader with the BBMO

There is no longer a BBFF, the BBFF app is now the BBMO please refer to it as BBMO to avoid confusion

Thank you!