Please be honest - will Beatbuddy Manager ever get updated?

“We plan to build it” sounds like another put-off into infinity! More precise answer to the question would be more helpful.

‘We plan to build it’ is an admission that it hasn’t even started yet. WTF!

La La La
As the years go bye and nothing changes.
I have never seen such incompetence before.
Good luck surviving in the technical world.
Chat GTP results…. I swear this is real!!
As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future with certainty, but I can provide some insights based on available information.

Singular Sound is a company that produces innovative music technology products, including the BeatBuddy drum machine and the Aeros Loop Studio. The company has gained popularity among musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.

The survival of Singular Sound depends on various factors, including the company’s financial stability, market demand for its products, and competition from other companies.

If the company can continue to develop innovative products, meet customer demand, and maintain a strong brand reputation, it is likely that Singular Sound will continue to survive and thrive in the music industry.

However, if the company encounters financial difficulties, faces stiff competition from other companies, or fails to adapt to changes in the market, it may struggle to survive.

Ultimately, the future of Singular Sound depends on its ability to remain competitive and meet the needs of its customers.

And meet the needs of its customers. NOT

Hi @DavidPackouz ,

Your last post was in Feb… A quarter later … what’s news?


wow seems to work ! Than you !
Singular sound should propose that to customers…

I’m in agreement with most of the sentiments on this forum. I’m still not an owner of the BB mainly due to the negativity about the BBM. I do have BBM installed on PC and have experimented.
With all the suggestions and reference’s to other DAW and editing software one would think it relatively simple to take the approach of one of these apps and apply it to the BBM. In the knowledge that there are tried and tested approaches, would it not be quicker and cost effective to approach one of these organisations to produce the app. Even to the extent it can be an addon to the parent app?
It’s a real shame the hardware is let down by the software.

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messing with BBM this week i said to my self. why don’t they just have an option to specify the midi editor? it handles bringing in songs and arranging and managing quirky but OK. also why it always asks “can i f up your file” as soon as it loads into its editor.

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