How to use the BeatBuddy Manager

Just wanting to follow this one. I’m trying learn how to use BB Manager and the more help the better.

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Check out the quickstart guide for more help getting started

BeatBuddy Quickstart Guide (1.6.4 & v1.6.5) - BeatBuddy / BeatBuddy Manager - Singular Sound Forum

Also, maybe spend some time with this how to playlist for more assistance

If you feel you need one on one help, don’t hesitate to write to and they will assist you however possible.

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Thanks for the follow up. I’m going to start with a fresh install of Manager and figure this out. Just for reference I’m wanting to link my BB with the Midi Maestro…running to my laptop using a MIDI to USB. I was reading about setting MIDI channels to 1 and tried that but going to start again from scratch.

Okay. What are you expecting the laptop to do with BB Manager via a Maestro? What software is the laptop running that will be sending or receiving midi commands?

A great resource to learn about MIDI is our MIDI Maestro Manual!

Is there any midi device (and process) to connect to, and control, the Beatbuddy manager software on my MAC PC, so that the BB can be digitally controlled without using the keyboard/mouse to change drumfills/songs, etc. Thank you.

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unfortunately not, but there is potential for this in the in progress BBM 2 which we are exploring, stay tuned!

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There is an ANDROID app that can directly control song selection and set tempo on the beatbuddy. It is called Opensongapp and can be found on the Google playstore. You will need to get the Beta of version 6 of Opensongapp, which is pretty much the finished version, and it works very neatly. Unfortunately Opensongapp won’t run on Apple devices.

.there are two similar apps on ipad that allow for foot pedal page turning. One is called setlist, and it’s free, the other is called songfolio, which is $3.99. I’m checking these out now to see which one might sync with BB thru a pedal system.

OnSong (
Set List Maker for iOS, Android and Mac

On song is a monthly subscription. US 50$ per year for premium

My immediate issue with BBM was that midi_souces folder was but it seems that by default MIDI files are not exported but you can always export it but right-clicking on part.