Portishead Drum Beats

Hi does anyone have any Portishead type drum beats or kits that they can suggest I download?

I could not find any kits or beats here on the forum that come close to Portishead.

Thanx for reply ‘persist’, perhaps its more a phaser or flanger effect that may be needed over a normal kit which I could do with an effect pedal to get the sound I want.
While I have your attention.Ive got the Roland 909 kit however the crash is insanely loud Ive looked at you tube vids etc tried to turn cymbal down but it doest seem to work.Could you give me a link to a dummies guide to turn down individual parts of kit?Thank you so much.

Double click on the kit name in the list of drum kits. That opens the drum set maker window. Click, or maybe double click on the loud instrument. It’s editor window will open. From there you can decrease its volume. When you see done, go to the toolbar menu Drumset>Save Drumset.

I heard some interesting stuff looking for Portishead kit tons. The “normal” drums often have a heavy reverb on them. If you have a list of what you want in a kit, I could put it on my list of things to develop. There were random short clips used for percussion effects on some songs. Some of that stuff could be included if they are sounds they use frequently.

Phil you’re awesome I havent tried to edit kit yet but just read your reply.I would be willing to let you choose what the things I want in clip ,you know the usual ride,nice snare,kick,backward cymbal would be cool,etc whatever you think.Well Im going to try turn that blasted cymbal down.
10 minutes later it seems when I turn just the cymbal down that the loudness of the whole kit has gone way down.I see where you adjust the loudness of whole kit but that doesnt work either.Im doing something wrong becuase I dont see the"done" thing

Its like when I adjust the level of the individual instrument in this case the crash the level of the whole kit comes down comes down and visa versa?

The loudness for the whole kit doesn’t work yet. The “done” thing is just leave once it lowered. Then go to the top menu where it says file edit, etc. One of those says Drumset. Under that is “save Drumset.” Make sure the kit you are saving has the check mark next to it clicked in the Drumset list. Then save. What I usually do, is then quit and restart Beat Buddy Manager and then recheck the kit to make sure the change stayed.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll take a look at the 909 later to see if it’s really bad. Sometimes, the song just has a cymbal crash way too loud.

May sound like a silly question but do I have to untick all the other drumkits in drumkit list before editing the Roland 909 just leave that ticked? and at the very top (next to tempo bar) it has the original kit for the song that Im working on which I guess is the default so do I need to change that as well or is it only important what it says in drumset maker window ie Roland 909.Sorry to be such a pain.
Agian thanx so much for your time and patience.Im new to all this

You don’t need to uncheck the other ones or change the default kit. As long as you have made Roland kit active by double clicking on it and showing its instruments, you have done all you need in order to begin editing.

I posted an Ambient Drums kit to Resources. Try it with the stock techno beats, with the BPM between 60 and 90. Be sure to double click on the kit to explore the other sounds I have added in there, including the open to closed hat that you wanted. To get this into a kit, just download the wav, go to BBM. Pick a song you want, and drag the wave into the “Accent Hit.”

Wow thanx Phil.Thats exactly what I was looking for.

You’re welcome. I listened to my very limited collection of Portishead tracks for about an hour and a half this morning taking note of drum tones. I thought the stock Ethereal kit might be pretty good, and it was, but the cymbals were real bad, and there were other tones I wanted to add. I made the kit fairly General Midi compliant, so you can try substituting it into just about anything. The techno tracks, were, of course very thumpy in their stock configuration. But, slowed down, with this kit, they provide a pretty good beat to build from.

One thing Phil when I put the open closed high hat wav file in fill from folder IVe put it in its way too loud.Can I adjust volume.It would be great if beat buddy had an easy way to do this from the play back screen on like little volume levels that come up when cursor is on fill.

I find the hip hop tracks suit really well too.Thanx so much for your time and efforts

You know, I never really considered that. If you pick up that Switch software, you can go into Preferences>Conversions, and experiment with Normalize levels. I didn’t run that WAVE through the converter because it was already in the right format. But try it at 33% and 50% and see if that gets the level you need.

ok Ive downloaded Switch gone to where you can adjust volume of WAV(in this case open close hi hat).Its volume drop works when it plays through my media default player but when I go to add it as fill on BB Workspace on the song track it hasnt changed.

I don’t think you finished the process.
1)Put the wave you want to alter in Switch, which you did.
2) In the Switch main window there are icons for Add Files, Remove, Play, Convert, and Preferences. Click on Preferences.
3) In Preferences, there are headers for Overwrite, Conversions, CD Tracks and Other. Click on Conversions.
4) Near the bottom of that window, there is a section marked “Audio Processing.” Click the Normalize file when converting checkbox. Click Peak Normalize. Set the slider at 50%. If the result is too quiet, you can come back to this step and set it higher. Click OK. If an Alert appears, click OK again.
5) You should be back in the main Switch window. At the bottom is a Save to Folder area. Select an area where you want to save your converted Waves. Pick a location you can find. Make sure “Output to same folder as source file” is not clicked. Under Output format, select .wav. Click on Encoder Options. Your settings should be set as follows, top to bottom: Custom, PCM, 44100, 16, Stereo. Click OK.
6) Now, back in the Switch main window, click on Convert.
7) Switch will now have converted the file normalized at a 50% peak. Try that file. If it is still too loud, set the normalize in step 4 at 33% and try again.
8) Once you find levels you like, you don’t need to do anything in steps 2 through 5. Just get the samples into Switch and Convert them. Even if they are already 44100, 16bit, PCM Wavs, you are still converting them to set the normalize level.

And, now that I tried it, you may have done all that. If not, you have a nice tutorial to refer back to. 50% seems to keep it at its original level, with that particular sample. Here are samples at 10%, 20% and 33%.

wow thanx Phil ,yeh I followed your intrsuctions but no ‘preferences’ icon only ‘options’ icon, is that what you mean?I do only have the free software as well could that be why I cant see preferences?Went to the options>conversions> then there is a choice between RMS and peak normalise at bottom.Anyways I must sound like an idiot I will try again thanx for the redo yourself much appreciated