Possible firmware 3.2.0 bug

When the BeatBuddy is not playing, the volume knob seems to work fine.

When I press the footswitch to start the Beatbuddy playing and adjust volume, after I am done turning the volume knob, the beatbuddy reads Headphones 0% and stays that way.


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Yeah, something weird is going on with the headphone volume. I had the headphone volume message ‘flash’ in the display even though the volume was switched off. Playing with the headphone volume made no difference. Had to change to a different song to get rid of the message.

I can reproduce this issue as well but only with the one-press beats and the Headphone Volume setting appears for a moment and then goes away.

It doesn’t seem to happen with the default beats.

Yes I am having issues. My screen is reading Volume 90% and flickers between 89 & 91%. The screen does not go away . Its basically unusable. And I have a gig tomorrow night

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Just following up. I have gone back to 2.70 and all is working. I do notice that the volume control in the bottom left hand corner is still wigging out though. Any suggestions?

Only thing I can think of that could help is to try installing 1.8.5 on a new card and then use the BBM to export your project to the card. Test it on the pedal. If this solves the issue, install 2.7. Don’t get in a hurry with the process. Oh, don’t forget to reset your pedal settings. As this is a long shot suggestion, please let us know if this works.

Here’s a link to f/w 1.8.5 Firmware 1.8.5

Hi Persist,

Your response suggests that I should not use 3.2.0 altogether and stick with 1.8.5 or 2.7. Do I understand that right?

For my education, you are listed as a group moderator, but I am not sure if that means that you are an employee of Singular Sound. I guess I am asking if my message about a bug is getting to the people that can fix it. Is there another place besides this forum that the bug should be noted?

Thanks for your help,


Would turning up the headphone volume to 100% help?

Hi, Mike. Singular Sound is monitoring this forum and user feedback. Until David weighed in with turning the headphone volume up to 100%, I would have stood my ground on the “not using 3.2 until fixed” :crazy_face:

I am a volunteer forum moderator and not paid by Singular Sound. I will be more careful in the future about stressing when something I say is my opinion or when it represents something from SS. When bugs are identified, I try to confirm them and either pass them along to SS or prompt them when they don’t respond to user feedback.


Hi Persist, Thanks. That helps a lot. I sent an email on the support site for Beat Buddy and received a response.

FWIW, I turned on the Beat Buddy this morning and could not reproduce my problem. Volume worked fine while stopped, while playing, with Headphone Volume at 0, at 100 and at various places in between. Unless I can reproduce it or something like it, for me the problem is solved. Thanks for all the replies.



Just keep the headphones volume at 100% just in case. We have noticed that this issue decreases in frequency over time – but it almost never happens when the headphones volume is at 100%.

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