Possible to have 2 different Drum Sets in use on a song

Is there a way to use ( assign ) two different Drum sets on a song.
I.E. Set1 for like the intro section,
and then Set 2 for main body of the song.

In a word: “no.”

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I suggested something a while ago when someone asked a similar question, but it would be a lot of work


Makes me think of The Doobie Brothers or The Allman Brothers Band lol. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_drumming

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When you change drum set you have to wait for it to finish loading. This is a pretty low powered device with slow sdcard access.

This would be my suggestion. You only need to have the percussive instruments you need for the song so you should be able to create 2 drums with bass in one kit.

In addition to this 2 kit idea…is there a method to alter the Tempo with-in a song, on the fly.

There are at least two ways of doing so:

  1. Static: in other words, it’s programmed into the MIDI (referred to as time-stretching) beat or song. Phil has posted his tutorials on the process using Logic Pro X Tutorial for creating a tempo change in Beat Buddy using Logic Pro X, part 1
  2. Dynamic: (or real-time) which I think may be what you’re asking for and it’s controlled by a device such as the Arduino. It can also be done with the BeatBuddy (BB). Here are some links.

Thanks for this info. I’ll take a look at attempting to do that in Reaper.