Premium content Library

Hi there. I just got a mail about the Premium content Library. I could be interested in Jazz Brushes and Hand Drum beats.
Now the question is: are those beats already organized into songs (as the default content) or I just download the beats and then I have to create songs by myself? If there already are songs, are those listed somewhere? Thanks

I suggest reading the FAQ’s

The content comes with songs as an importable folder and the midi files that make up the songs so you can change and alter them just as you can with the ones that came with the Beatbuddy. The songs are just generic and are numerically numbered with some added descriptions. All the main song parts are demo’d but not the fills. If you are thinking of the Jazz beats you will also need to purchase the specific Jazz kit.

Thanks Psalm, I only read the info about the packs, totally missed the faq :\

I’m probably being dense, but this is the second go-round with the Drum and Bass thing and I still don’t hear any bass in the website demo… What am I missing (besides the bass)?

Yes, (embarrassed :o ) I never got that to work. (no time). But at this point i’d think I might want to.

I have a Boss DR880 that has a bass track which I can select the midi out channel. I have been using the BB midi in for the drum track on midi 10, but i’ve tried all the other channels to get bass and i’m getting nothing…

I’ve never actually heard bass out of the BB. I bought the premium stuff also. No bass.

You might benefit from the work done by Guitar Stu. Several BB users have followed in his footsteps and have the bass working.

In my email introducing the premium content I got a coupon for a free Drums and Bass kit. Unfortunately it isn’t working. Is it just me or is this not currently working? I’ve tried it with no luck with several browsers.

OK, I got the discount. The coupon enter spot in the cart seems to be just a decoy which doesn’t actually work. The one in the checkout section did work however.

Hmmm…Drum & Bass is a genre of music not a description of the kit. It’s mainly fast pace electronic music with lots of kick drum and snare…more below.

If you want songs that have bass in them as well as drums, check out Guitar Stu’s drum kit, and look in the forums for songs that I (and others) have posted. Upload the song and kit into BB Manager and there ya go!

Taken from the link provided: “The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats(typically between 150–180 beats per minute[4]) with heavy bass and sub-bass lines.” So there is that.

And then there are the kits like “Phil Collins” and “Hand Drum” that describe the kit, not the genre. The whole thing is very confusing.

Why kicking a dead horse again? BeatBuddy “Drum and bass” (just like a BeatBuddy “song”) is a bit different from what one can think about using that same terms individually.
While what other sources say about the term in question are definitely correct, yet they are not in the same context as we are here.

If you think about it once again, the usage of these terms is more than appropriate.

BeatBuddy song => BeatBuddy supplies you with beats, you provide everything else = song in the generic sense.
BeatBuddy drum’n’bass => BeatBuddy supplies you with beats, you provide bass = drum’n’bass in the generic sense.

Song, as I intend it, is the “sum” of Intro, Part A, Part B, Fills, Outro etc. That’s the sense of my question.

In which case yes, but some only have one fill per song part some more, can’t comment further as I have not bought those - but what is $10 in the grand scheme of things.

I never got an email about premium content. Where do I access it?


I never got this Email too…

Go to the mybeatbuddy website and signup for updates. Ensure your profile here is also set to get email notifications for anouncements well.

BB Website says Im already subscriped to list BB newsletter... Ive also checked my spamfolder.
I´ve also already buyed some of the content, since I`ve read about here in the forum, but unfortunately no coupon for a discount…:frowning:

I purchased the Gig Basics, Mallet beats, and Ballad beats. It really rounds out what I already have with the basic Beat Buddy package. I am thinking of getting the Beat Elements next. The Ballad drum set is nice change from the other sets. Thanks for all of this.