Problem with Song select in Onsong 2022

Hi, I recently bought my BB and now I am trying to use Onsong (via Yamaha MD-BT01 & iPad) to select a song.
I followed all the instructions I could find (How to make Onsong send song select to BB?? - #10 by persist and the OnSong Youtube video) and was successful at the beginning. BUT now I have the problem, that after the Onsong midi command (e.g. MIDI: 0.6:6 to select Funk 7 in the Funk folder) it always selects the first song (Funk 1) of the folder. If I go to the metadata of the song (where I configured the MIDI) and click on “test” it successfully selects the folder & the song (-> Funk 7). But when changing the song it is for all songs the same that the first song in each folder is selected.
Has someone the same problem and found a solution or am I missing something?
BR, Michael

Edit: It seems to me to be a bug in OnSong 2022. At least the changes work fine in Songbook+. As Onsong also crashes regularly and the costs for the premium version of Onsong for one year is the same as the full (unlimited) license of Songbook+ I will switch to Songbook+ (as I only started playing around for some days and were still in the testing period).

Have you had success in using Songbook+? I’ve been looking for an alternative to OnSong due to the crashing… I use midi for song selection and that’s about it.

Sorry for my late reply. Yes, I had success with Songbook+
I’m successfully setting BPM and selecting the correct song.