Problems creating Backing Tracks

.I Am Trying To Make Backing Drum Tracks Of My Original Songs So I Can Go Out And Play Solo Gigs. Im Running Into Problems Creating Them. Did All The Steps Multiple Times Still No Luck.

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Hi CDino2001.

We’re going to need some more information, like

  • What software are you using
  • What specific issues are you having
  • What steps have you already tried

BB Mgr,Studio One 4. Ive Made A Drum Kit Of A Song Put Wav File In Bass Drum #36 Song Played When I Did That Like It Was Supposed To.Saved The Kit. i Then Created The Midi Note at C1. Useing Studio one. Saved It As A Midi File.Then I Created A Song With That Kit.Put That Midi Note in 36 Intro. Then Put Null In Maim Loop. Then Tried Playing The Song It Wouldnt Play I Would Be Greatfull For Ang Help Thanks.

Try opening the intro midi file in the BBM midi editor by right clicking the intro part and selecting Edit Midi File... which instrument in the kit is the note at? Does it work with a standard BB kit?

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First, Please Stop Using Caps As If Your Whole Post Is A Title. It Hurts My Eyes.


Second, it sounds like you put a full recording as the note for Note 36 (I’ve done the same thing for certain songs), but your MIDI song is playing Note 0 (C-1). I may have that wrong, but if not, try changing your MIDI song note to Note 36. It sounds like you’re just calling the wrong note.


i am going to re record the midi note at 36 using key c-1 is this correct?

i am going to re record the midi note at 36 using key c-1 is this correct?

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I don’t understand why you’re trying to use one note for the recording but are naming another note. Can you please explain?

The way add a complete passage (rather than a single note, as with the “+Bass” drumkits) is I create the .wav file and assign it to a note in the drum kit. Then, I edit the MIDI file that represents the part that will play the .wav file, adding that note to the passage.

For example

  • I recorded the piano riff from Santana’s Smooth to a .wav file
  • I created a drumkit in which I added Note-2 and assigned the recorded .wav file to Note-2
  • I then went back to the (MIDI) verse parts of my song, and added an extra Note-2 at the first beat of every two-bar set.

The result: The piano riff recording plays at the beginning of every pair of bars.

The upside to doing it this way is it’s relatively easy; the downside is that you can never adjust the tempo, because the .wav file plays as fast as it was recorded – no more, no less.

all i want to happen is my wav to play from start to finish when i tap the pedal it is the drum track for a original song of mine. i am so frustrated at this point.

Is the drum track a single, recorded .wav file?

yes. it is under 100 mb

Then try my instructions, above.

thank you but i dont understand what you are telling me. what is note 2? if i cant figure this out i will go back to using my tablet


  1. In the Drum Kit editor, create a new drumset by saving an existing one under a new name. Use Save As.
  2. Add a new instrument at some random note not used by Beat Buddy (i.e., NOT between 34 and, let’s say, 70). I happen to use Note-2 because I use Note-1 to drive my stage lights and have Note-0 reserved for something else. Feel free to choose any note you like.
  3. In a MIDI editor, Create a new song part that ONLY has that note in it – and only one instance of it.
  4. In BBM’s main screen, create a new song and add the song part you created in Step 3.
  5. Press Play.

ok i will try thanks again.

Good luck!


Using recorded riffs from original songs is a syncronization nightmare.

Only if you’re also using the drums. And it you are, as long as your recorded riffs are recorded at the same speed, it should not be a problem. We’re doing it without issue on Santana’s Smooth and Foreigner’s Feels Like the First time. But the riffs have to be recorded at exactly the same BPM as the song will be [layed on BB.