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Is there anything being done to allow program change messages to be retained in the BB song file when downloading to the SD card? So that the Program change messages can then be sent out of the MIDI connector on the BB to control other MIDI devices such as a guitar processor.

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Are you saying it’s there on the pedal, and then it’s not when you update? If so, sync to your SD card rather than export, and it will not overwrite the settings on your BB.

No, this is before it gets to the SD card and the pedal. If a MIDI file has a program change command in it and is used in any position in a Beat buddy song (Intro/Loop/Outro) when making a song in the Beatbuddy Manager software, after saving the project then exporting the MIDI file from the Beatbuddy Manager program and examining it, the program change has been deleted from the file. It seems when saving a song in the Beatbuddy manager, the software changes all MIDI files to “MIDI format 0” and all notes to channel 10 and deletes anything that isn’t a note. I would like to be able to send program changes I have placed in preset positions in my songs out of the Beatbuddy MIDI connector to other devises such as a guitar processor. Impossible if the BBM software deletes them before they reach the Beatbuddy pedal.

Probably not anytime soon. Singular Sound liked the concept of sending PCs but implied that it wasn’t at the top of their list for development.

See Phil_Flood’s comment in this thread CC commands in midifile

Ah, you were trying to get your BB songs to run stuff over MIDI. Gotcha.

So, I have my BB running my DMX-controlled lights, but not directly, because the BB (and Reaper, the way I’m editing and exporting my MIDI files) strips out all but notes. I pass the MIDI output from the BB through a MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus, where it translates a single Note-01 MIDI command into a “Next scene in the sequence” command for my lights. I’m betting you could program the same system to do most (if not all) of what you want to do, as well. It’s a few extra bucks, but you’re asking the BB to do a few extra things. And it can make the BB the heart of all of your show automation.

So short answer, the BB won’t do it on its own, but that does not mean it can’t be done.

Event Processor Plus:
Power supply:

Happy to help if I can…

I’m doing it the exact opposite way using my guitar processor (which is a Helix) to send PC messages and control messages to the BeatBuddy. MUCH easier and efficient that way.

What PC and CC’s are you sending to the Beatbuddy and what are they controling?

I send an automatic PC whenever I select a preset to select the appropriate BeatBuddy song to match the preset on the Helix, then I have stomp buttons defined that send start, fill, pause, transition chorus/verse and end CC’s

Hey there, this is not currently possible but I’ve shared your request, thanks for your suggestion!

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