Program to allow Printing of Songs

Check that you’ve picked the correct “Songs” directory as shown in this illustration

Thanks Joe
here is a SS of what im doing
the error box comes upalso when I run the .exe and when I hit process.

This error message is a different one than your first post.

However, in this last image - you have chosen the ‘songs’ directory in the ‘Workspace’ - it’s the Songs directory in the Current Working Set that you want.

I’m not sure how you’ve named yours. But in the default installation that’s what mine was called. Read my first post about how to pick the correct directory and about hidden directories.

The key in the error message is that it can’t fine the config.csv file which says you are in the wrong directory.

Thanks Mark.
That worked for me

Thanks Joe.
Will read over them notes.

The correct Songs directory will have a file - Config.csv - that is the internal roadmap to all of your songs. My program has to find that file.

Brilliant work mate - thanks so much!!!

Thank you for this program.

I appreciate you telling me that. Glad it’s working well!

It’s really nice to see it being used and enjoyed. Thanks for your comment.

I downloaded this a while back and use it all the time.
Too bad Singular Sound can’t get their **** together on the BBM software.

Thank You for stepping up!!

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