Programmable count in measure (or measures) before recording starts

I could really benefit from having the ability to add a count in measure (or measures) before recording starts.

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Hey there, there already currently is a count in option but it only activates on the very first track of a song part when the Aeros receives the MIDI Start command (as long as the MIDI Start has Record enabled in the Device settings), we hope to change the count in settings to be better and more adept soon.

Here’s a related request, we have yet to decide exactly on our solution but hope to have one soon.

Let me know if I’m understanding your issue, thanks!

Hi Brennan,

I am hoping to be able to have an option for a measure or measures of metronome as a count in before loop recording starts so you have a chance to nail the tempo and not just have to jump in. It would be best as available when turned on no matter which track you are recording on. An easy way to toggle it on/off would be great also without going into settings. (I’m not using midi)… This would be useful with and without midi.

As a stand alone looper Aeros does not have A pre-record count in click. Click and record happens at the same time. Process I am seeking to do. Tap tempo >>>, press record >> click intro >> record ; Have both a 3/4 and 4/4 or variable click option for different time signatures; that would make the Areos more band friendly which is what I am using it for.

If you are starting a new song then it does allow this for a recording but you are correct about count in for playback purposes, we hope to fix this with the change mentioned above.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for your quick reply. I forgot to add. . . a simple first step maybe is to have a led indicator to see the actual tempo just tapped (For us nervous guitar players).

We like an idea of a better tap tempo indicator system, stay tuned on that! Feel free to make a request to have it tagged and be able to follow it.

Thanks :slight_smile: