Progressing to the next song in a set list

Very often I’ll end a song by clicking the “stop” and “effect” (cymbal crash)t buttons on the other BB pedal simultaneously, rather than using an outro fill. Problem is (and it’s not really a BIG problem) that I now cannot use the right clicker on the other pedal to advance to the next song b/c that will start the beat back up. So I’ve been bending down and using the arrow buttons on the main BB pedal to advance. Any way around that?

One of the possible configurations:

1st Stopped switch (Song Back or Accent Hit)
1st switch Playing: Pause-unpause
2nd switch Stopped: Song Advance
2nd switch Playing: Accent Hit

1- Pause with swith 1
2- Accent Hit with switch 2
3- Maintain the main pedal 2 seconds to stop the song
4- Song Advance with swith 2

Jean-Francois, thanks for the response. That will work only if you have the main peddle set up to start on the RELEASE of the pedal. I prefer to have the Beat start on the PRESS of the pedal rather than the release (to avoid the slight delay). Because I changed that parameter I can no longer hold down the pedal to end the song because as son as I step on it, even without releasing, the Beat will start back up.

In this case, another solution would be to have a second BeatBuddy :wink:

Ha ha! Not likely. I’ll jut bend over! Maybe a midi controller with more buttons to control more functions??

Hello rlumachi,

Another option:

1st Stopped switch (Song Back or Accent Hit)
1st switch Playing: Fill Outro
2nd switch Stopped: Song Advance
2nd switch Playing: Accent Hit

1- Outro Fill with swith 1 during the last measurement
2 Hit Accent to finish with switch 2
3- Song Advance with swith 2

It’s not a perfect solution, but functional for some songs.

I have been requesting a stop function to be added to the external pedal for this reason. Maybe when in pause the other foot pedal can be set to stop.

I don’t see that the other footswitch can be programmed to do the outro fill. Only a double-click on the BB pedal does that (?)

This feature was added in the last firmware update.
[]Depress tempo and drumset to go to the settings menu
]Got to foot switch
[]Then foot switch fuctions
]You should see the option under any of the “playing” options.

Under 1st and 2nd switch playing, in order:

No Action
Accent Hit
Tap Tempo
Outro Fill

Yes it would be a good addition, and why not also add the ability to transition fill.

Ok. I see the function to changet that parameter on the pedal. Thanks!

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but all actions performed by the main pedal should be assignable to the external foot switch for maximum flexibility.

I am setting this as my personal ultimate goal for when I’ll be making irrepairable fixes to the firmware while I am on January vacation.

Absolutely. “All actions performed by the main pedal should be assignable to the external foot switch.”

I would like a single switch for outro too. Trying to do a double tap throws off my timing and occasional I see to double tap inadvertently and the song stops… that would be really embarrassing during a show.


Is that a single tap on the main pedal as you can already do that using the external foot switch - how would you trigger fills? You can cancel a wrongly triggered Outro which is discussed here and is shown on the official “beat indicator video” but it requires some experimentation. Also how long have you had and using the BB as it might get easier with practise - I find it quite intuitive, but that may be just me.

Some how that double tap throws off my timing, I work hard on my timing but it has never come easy and the double tap creates a bump for me on a number of songs. I would like a single button for the Pause and the .wav HIT, as well as a single button to trigger the outro. I think 4 external buttons would even then start to challenge my ability to keep them straight. I have a lot of busy guitar outros (finger and flat picking) and I would love to press one button and get back to paying attention to my fretboard. But that’s me… timing takes a large share of my attention. I’ve developed notation that works well for me for the tap and pause well on my lead sheets. I have a hard time watching the beat indicator while singing… maybe a separate monitor on the microphone! ;>)


Initially I had the same problem. Yet, you may do it very easily if you begin counting your rhythm a bar before you need to trigger outro
You calmly press pedal on (1) and (2), outro is played on the rest 3 and 4.

If you need to play most of the outro, you can

If you need to completely queue the full outro, you can do set Queue Period option to something like 50% or 66%, and do

I forget everyone uses the Beatbuddy differently, I just play acoustic guitar and then control Onsong from a bluetooth pedal - works perfect for me…I guess if I had tons of efx pedals it would be a nightmare. I only have one other pedal and that is a tuner :stuck_out_tongue: