project not synching!

On a Mac: i’ve been following the directions from the tutorials - everything seems to be right - I hit Synchronize Project - it asks if I want synch it to the SD card - I hit yes, but nothing changes on the SD card - my new folders don’t appear on the pedal. Any idea where I’m going wrong?

Any hint why you think what you observe is wrong?
If you’ve made no changes to the project, sync will not change anything on the SD card.

sorry; there were changes - I’ve created two new folders with 3 new songs; those are the folders that do not appear on the pedal…

I’ve tried exporting the folders themselves to the SD card - they actually do appear on the card then but still not on the pedal…

Save the project. Move everything from SD card to somewhere else on your computer (so you can later copy it back to the SD card if something goes wrong). Erase everything from the SD card. Export Project to Pedal (to the SD card location). This will solve you issue.

Sounds good - I will give it a go tomorrow. Thanks man! Will report back.


This worked like a charm! Many thanks. So now I’m wondering; if you have 3 main drum loops, how do you you go from 1 to 2 then back to 1 - before you go to 3 - if you see what I mean?

You can’t, when you have more than two main sections it will loop the sections - the only way round this is to program the song exactly as you want it to play. I’m sure this is explained on the official Manager software video.

Thanks so much - really helpful once again! I am so psyched about BB - fantastic stuff.

By the way guys - excellent & timely tech support on your part; really - thanks again.


I have the same problem on the mac, I imported some new drum kit , i made changes in the BBManager (essentially tempo and drum kits) and created a new folder and it works perfectly on the computer but i am not able to synchronise, when i hit Synchronize project or export project to pedal i have this message: “There is at least one invalid song in the project!! Make sure all song parts contain a main drum loop”. Impossible to transfer my changes from the BBM to the pedal…
I tried for hours today, checked a lot of tutorials, I tried to import manually, tried also what you wrote in this post, but it seems that it doesn’t want to work, always the same message…
It actually getting seriously on my nerves and I am closed to take the computer and smash the pedal with… (I will not, but i secretly have this strong desire just right now… ) (zen… zeeeeen… )
Please, if you could help me… :slight_smile:

“There is at least one invalid song in the project”

You need to go ahead, song by song, folder by folder - your target is a song that has no main part. It will be even colored red for you (though I agree an error message should be much much more user friendly).

Thanks for your answer, I started back from zero … I uninstalled all and re installed , now i am at the point the program is empty and i can’t import anything from the sd card, when I try to open the sd card i always have the message : Selected location does not contains project…
I followed the instructions to install but it is for pc, it seems is a bit different for mac …
I think i have my dose of beatbuddy for today, I am only a musician not a programmer, it seems there is no solution…

You going to sing I Saw Her Standing There for us?

Ok , finally i did it… i don’t know exactly how, but i did it… uninstalling , reinstalling, restarting from zero… now i can link the beatbuddy to the BBManager, the synchronization works.
But now I have another problem but this time with the BBManager and my left footswitch (the crash one) who dosn’t work anymore.
In the BBM i imported the default project and it appears in the program, i can change the tempo and assign any drums but when i want to play the song i have a long error message: “Unable to load song /user/blablabla/default_lib/projects/Default Project/Project-Project/SONGS/165DA150/9EE9EE10.BBS or its accent hit” .
I don’t understand either why the left footswitch doesn’t work anymore … (headache)
If someone have some answers…

These words do not even make sense to me as I have no idea what it is (without googling). Just random SNG files from the forum I’ve uploaded to help users :slight_smile:

Saw it on the top of your list. You’ll need a vocal harmonizer.

On YouTube try Butchering the Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There

i resolved (still don’t know how exactly but all is working perfectly (after 8 hours…) ) :’)
it is great , real work begins now…

Glad to hear that. Now the hard part starts. :slight_smile: