Quantize function not very quantizey?

Hi! Using the Aeros Loop Studio and it doesn’t seem to quantize very well, or at all. I’m not really noticing a difference whether it’s on free form or quantize. Well… I guess when quantize function is on, I am noticing it lining up worse than without. Like random parts being put off beat… worse than how I play it.

Does the quantize function fully work yet? Is it a later update? Or am I doing something else wrong perhaps? Allegedly I am “up to date” with Aeros firmware. If my mistake, forgive me for my ignorance :slightly_smiling_face:

“Quantizing” is not referring to manipulating the recorded audio. It only refers to the song having a tick-based versus sample based quantization, this makes it so that you can record to the measure/beat rather than at any immediate moment (like in freeform). Sorry to say, but if you want it to be on time, you’ll have to be on time :sweat_smile:, we don’t have that sort of advanced “fixing” algorithm yet (not sure if we will down the line).

Also, there are various commands that are not yet on the press which may be why you’re experiencing some timing issues, we already have fixed it in the current version we’re testing, so very soon this will be improved greatly.

LOL! :joy:

“Sorry to say, but if you want it to be on time, you’ll have to be on time :sweat_smile:

Ok, I actually thought it would quantize, as in “adjust”, all that was played. That’s fine that it means something else and functions in a different way … although that would be amazing fix our sloppy playing! Lol! Just let’s me see that I need to tighten up while using this thing.

On another quantize note… I still would notice my notes being shifted more “off” than how it was played. For instance I’d play at the 1 and the beat would be on the ‘and’. I’m guessing that is a tolerance setting I can adjust? It would be weird sometimes, like pushing the whole measure drastically forward or backward.

I wanted to try a “re-install” of the firmware, but Aeros wouldn’t give me that option because the latest firmware was already installed. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, but can there be a firmware update that allows you to reinstall as many times as possible in case bad internet connection corrupts the file or something goes wrong with the install? Rather than if a firmware is detected as “up to date” … there is no hope for trying to do a fresh reinstall.

I’m sure you are super busy with helping others, so thank you so much for your time!!

Also… a quick off-topic question here… can the Aeros run off of DC battery power? Or is it only really able to run off AC/wall power? I have a battery powered pedal board that I’m getting an insane amount of noise off of the Aeros, while my other digital and analog pedals run fine. Any suggestions?
Thanks again!!

Not sure if this is your issue, but I’ve seen some weird “off by a bit” issues in the 3.1 beta. Sometimes the loop is in sync with with the BB and other times not. I would blame my timing, but this is after switching to a new part where it has lined up perfectly in the past.

Actually the issue just went away now without me doing anything on the song … perhaps since I’m starting from “stopped”? You’ll be happy to know that my timing is still a bit shaky, but not “off” :wink:

There are other users reporting similar experiences, we are looking into this! You don’t have to reinstall, this may be a bug in the beta.

My pleasure :slight_smile:

I am seeing similar issues with firmware version 3.0.0. In quantize mode if I start recording on the 1 beat and stop on the next 1 beat (4 full beats), it plays back with an additional beat of blank space after what I recorded. If I try stopping recording before 4 full beats, then it does just that, stops the track before the 4th beat is finished. So I cannot record a 4 beat measure. It’s either too cut short or it has an extra beat.

Hey there, this is actually not a flaw, please read this post here for our stance and an explanation on this.

OK Brennan, I read through the entire linked thread you sent me and I think I understand how this thing is supposed to work. This idea of switching from record mode to play mode before the end of the measure and letting the unit activate the change at the end of the measure makes perfect sense. However, when I do that, it stops recording right then, doesn’t wait to the end of the measure, then it starts playback of the shortened track. So maybe I am not configuring the settings properly? Or I am not activating the controls properly? I have watched a lot of the demos out there on this units and I see when the foot switches are being activated. I cannot get my unit to behave the same way. Has to be in the settings, or I don’t understand what the settings actually do.
I will mess with it a bit more.and get back with you.

If you’re in freeform mode, we suggest going to the main menu and changing the Change Part/ Stop All setting to End of Loop.

Also, in song settings, you may prefer to use both Sync Start and Length so all tracks are easily aligned. Does this answer your question? Let me know!

SUCCESS! Yes Brennan, it takes some practice to get the footswitch thing down, but I think I got it. Also, the click track is very important. I thought my timing was pretty good but, if you’re playing rhythm is even a tad off either way it produces an annoying hiccup at the end of the loop. You have to be right on with the timing so either with the click track or the BeatBuddy which I’m expecting to arrive any day now.

Also the settings that you suggested works nice.

Thanks for your help!

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We are currently working on smoothing the crossfades at the loop seam, so this may not be your fault! But yes, freeform is very unforgiving of even the slightest timing error, but that’s the art in it after all! I hope you enjoy the BB pairing, they work excellently together, really brings the jam to life. Just be extremely sure that if you play the BB on a pre-recorded song, that they have the same time signature and tempo! There is a bug that is caused by having a tempo mis-match. This is only an issue for pre-recorded songs, however.

Glad I could be of help :slight_smile: