Reaper plugin for Drum Kits?

Hi all,
long time beat buddy user here. I use it primarily for jamming and song writing. Recently I’ve started recording / composing some songs in reaper.

I am able to get MIDI working between BB and reaper seamlessly - I can record from the BB into reaper, and play back through BB. This is nice. However, what would be /nicer/ is if I could route my BB recordings into a BB VST.

Currently, I use a different VST. The problem is, I really like my BB drum kits. Futzing around in reaper to try and find a drum kit that sounds the same isn’t optimal.

I can of course always record the BB output back into reaper, but this is an extra annoying step, and, it doesn’t enable me to do the per-drum mixing and such that I’ve been doing.

Thoughts? What are others doing?

What I’ve done is recreated my favorite BB drum kits in a virtual instrument or sampler (either native or VSTi) so I can make songs/beats without having BB connected to my computer. I’ve seen some people here recreated some BB drum kits in Kontakt VSTi.

Hm. Thanks. That sounds like a lot of work? Thanks for the tip on Kontakt, I’ll check the forums out for it

Sure, no problem. If you’re familiar with your virtual instrument, it’s really very easy to recreate a drum kit. It takes me less than 30 minutes to create one using my DAW.

This is a good sounding free VST I recently found: