Recall bb kit from Aeros song select

Is it possible to create a template on my Aeros that will recall a specific kit on my BB? I thought it was midi song out in the settings but I couldn’t get it working.

Any insights?

Thanks a lot!

Hey there,

Sorry for the delay in answering but this is not directly possible on the Aeros no, you are confusing the Aeros’ ability to open a specific song on the BeatBuddy


If you have the BeatBuddy set to open a specific drum set when you open a song (Main Pedal > Default Drum Set > Enabled), this will open the drum set you want when you open that song again

The default drum set can be set in the BeatBuddy Manager or on the pedal itself by pressing and holding down the Drum Set encoder while the song is open and the desired drumset is loaded. There will be a confirmation on the BB screen that this was done.

So, if you have this setting on and send the correct MIDI Out MSB, LSB and PC commands in the Aeros song settings to open that song, you can effectively open songs with the specific drumset you’d like right off the bat!

The only caveat is if you have any 1 song that needs two drumsets, like a generic rock beat that you might be reusing. In this case, you must use the BeatBuddy Manager to create a duplicate of this command or use the BeatBuddy Loader to export and reimport that song to have two version of it.

Then, rename the duplicate song and set the appropriate default drumset in the BBM or the BB itself as mentioned above.

Hope this helps!