Redefine functions of switches

I was trying to use the functions of the switches in 2X2 mode
And to be honest, it’s a hell with the undo/redo and the double tap mute.
Most of time I erase the track accendatlly

I was thinking about how to make it more easy, and came to this:

The actual functions are:

-Record and play
-Press for undo (but not too long or you lose your track)
-Press for redo (but take care or you are in overdub mode)
-Double tap mute ( it’s better to go in the mix screen to mute with single press)

I think but it’s just my opinion that this could be better

-Record and play
-Press for undo
-Press for Redo
-PRESS AND HOLD TO MUTE (to avoid the erasing of the track)
-DOUBLE TAP TO ERASE( the selected track)
I think this is a better way to avoid this mess with the undo and erase and more easy to mute

Overdub stay the same !

It’s just an idea

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You’re forgetting about overdub.

You right, but the overdub stay the same way!
it’s just the change with mute(press and hold) and erase(double tap) that can be better

I know what you mean Steve. I have always struggled with the multiple functions per switch. Another option would be a setting option that lets you define the switch function. The best thing these guys could I reckon is to combine the MM with Aeros.

Yep, but another option could be what I posted here

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