Reducing low end of drum sets (for Shelter in Place and Marriage Preservation)

Recently set up powered monitors so I can play at reasonable volumes and not disturb the rest of the house. It sounds amazing with one exception. The low end of (some?) drum sets travels across the house. Wife is happy with the music, but it’s pushing it if she hears the equivalent of the “thumping stereo from the car next to you at the light”.

I’m going out on a limb and suggest that this would be a low priority BB feature (and perhaps impossible for the hardware) to cut the very low end. Feel free to prove me wrong!

I think the best idea is to create alternate drum sets that I can kick in to reduce the bass beat. That said, I’m leery of anything that requires me to use the BBM or transfer changes on sdcards … which has always been a hassle and time sink.

==> Is it easy to take any drum set in the BB, extract an audio files that have excessive lows, filter those, and then create a copy of the drumset with those changed files?

Seems tedious to do more than a few. Wonder if there’s a way to script this and convert all the drum sets (and then perhaps go back and clean up any that I have issues with/use a a lot).

==> Are there practical limits to the number of drums sets on the BB at one time? Is it just an SD card space issue? I only have a handful of additional drums beyond the standard set.

FYI, here are some other ideas:

  • New wife and/or house. Hopefully not. (I almost said “only by choice”, but that would be dangerous to say out loud. Oops).
  • Send the BB through an EQ or multiband limiter. Probably a good idea, but another device to buy, find space, and setup/tweak.
  • Send the BB to some other playback system that has an eq and/or sub that I could cut out. I only mention this because I have a stereo nearby (but was thinking of getting rid of it as the power monitors seem far better for general music). It’s a mess of components, wire, and ground loops/noise that I want to avoid.

Suspect this might be useful to more than just me. Everyone is spending much more time at home and (hopefully) playing more. @DavidPackouz Here’s your chance for a topical PR blitz.

Is anything between your BB and your amp? Mixer EQ would be fine for this.

I have a mixer, but no eq on it.

Certainly a different mixer with the right eq would work. For less space, cost, and near-term benefits besides the BB, a stereo EQ pedal would be a better choice for me. One of many ways…

This is not a new issue, I’m afraid. Either use the Standard Pro kit, or see this thread: Which drum kit for live

I have remixed the drums, particularly the toms, gating them, re-EQing them, and a few other little tweaks. People (including me) have had good luck with it.

There’s a link to it in that thread.


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