Reformatting OPB Songs into Parts

I’ve been very fortunate to have many OPB songs from a variety of users through the years. With support from this community, I’ve gotten better at Reaper and would love to share some of the things I’ve done.

Most notably, if an iOS app ever comes for the Midi Maestro, I’ve split up some OPB into verse/chorus parts. This allows me more control to change things on the fly when I want to extend things or when I mess up!

Is it ok for me to post other people’s work that I’ve sliced and diced? I’d give credit to the original creators but I’m not always sure who they were! But I’m guessing most are from @Phil_Flood, \ and @persist.

It’s okay with me.

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Fine by me, too.

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Great - will do then. I just wanted to make sure no one had an issue!

It also interests me.
I also wanted to ask the question “how to cut the songs offered by users in verse and chorus” for easier use of the BeatBuddy.

I’ve been doing this for a few songs using reaper. First I export the midi from Beat Buddy Manager and then import it to Reaper. Then I load 2 tracks (one for bass and one for drums). Then I listen to the songs and split them.
There are lots of resources on here but it’s really a dive in and try it thing. It was a steep learning curve but quick once I got everything set up.
Also, it works better for some songs than others. Usually if there is just a verse/chorus, it works pretty well.
Ultimately, I hope to use the MidiMaestro so I can trigger multiple parts in any order.

Thanks for your quick response, but I was wondering if this was possible with “Logic Pro X”.
Sino, I will try to download “REAPER”, I found a version 5.9, is it compatible with BigSur "?

I just downloaded version 64 compatible BigSur, when I listen to a .wav import it’s OK on the other hand a Midi import, no sound?
I must have missed something …

One of the replies has an attached screen shot that show how to configure the audio MIDI on your Mac.

thank you,
The interface shows how to configure your sound card, I don’t have a sound card, I read my files directly on the computer …
maybe that’s the problem?

Thanks for your help, I changed my audio settings as instructed, but still don’t play midi files.
I keep looking and keep you posted.

Search the forum for Reaper Configuration: Reaper output volume problem

Many thanks for your “Persister” help.
it works perfectly,
I just have to have fun …

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