Registration warranty

Hi there, Could you tell me where can I register my (loved) beatbuddy? I didn’t found where and how to do this.
Thanx by advance :slight_smile:

I suppose the requested procedure is not fully complete. Don’t worry though! As long as you won’t remove the sticker with the serial number from behind the pedal - you will be able to do it as soon as it will be possible! Just please give guys some time to solve some major issues first :slight_smile:

OK, thank you for answering :smiley:

Warranty Start Date

i read that the warranty starts upon delivery. While I received the hardware, I have not received the software or 200 songs etc., so delivery is not complete. Without the software, I can’t make the hardware workable for gigs. Will the warranty begin when everything promised with the BB is delivered?

Re: Warranty Start Date

I’m guessing that the early versions of the BeatBuddy will be a little less tight as far as the warranty goes - we are pretty much the ones who are road testing and refining the product by suggestions and feedback.

BTW: Does the bonus CD cited get included as part of the ‘package’? … um-machine



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Most likely warranty starts as soon as manager software is ready and there is a page to actually register your product.


You guys can register the warranty here:

When will the 12 months start? I’m not wasting time on the pedal until I have the software to make it giggable. It should not start until you fully deliver what we bought which includes the software.

I am trying to complete the on-line Warranty Registration but am having problems with the form not recognising the date format? I have tried all the usual formats that I know of - to no avail. Any advice guys?

@Redwood Please contact support directly at about warranty.

@Redwood: me too!!! Date format error

Hi Tore. I have sent an email to the Support Guys as suggested and, hopefully, will get this sorted. Will keep you in the loop (pun intended). :smiley:

“Date format seems invalid” is what I get when I try and register my two pedals…

Thanks Redwood

Hi, I just tried to register my BB but it won’t let me because of the invalid date format. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Any answer to this BB ???

Bill - I received a reply to my mail query to BB (from a guy in Support called Jay). He was basically asking which Browser I was using, which date format I was employing and asked for a screen-shot. I’ve supplied him with everything that he asked for and am awaiting a mail reply.


Thanks Dave!
I will try another browser as well.

What’s up with the invalid date format issues? Did anyone get an answer on how to resolve this issue?