Renaming playlists causes issues

So I created a few playlists on the BB through the new playlist feature. I then went into BB Loader and renamed the playlists from playlist1, playlist2, to something more descriptive. After disconnecting, one of the two playlists that I renamed disappeared completely off my unit at some point. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which of the two playlists I renamed stayed, but it seems there might me a bug when having and renaming multiple playlists. I can’t tell you if it was right away or after a few syncs to the BB Manager. This is running the latest firmware that was just released.

Update: I was going to recreate my Playlist2 that disappeared and I just discovered when trying to add another song to a playlist, my renamed playlist that disappeared is showing up as a playlist save option, but it still isn’t showing up in the Folder section to access or use. But if I re-add a song to it, then it is available again. So it appears something is happening if you resync to BB manager after renaming a playlist. Weird behavior