Reprogramm External Footswitch Command

Hy there I do have the Beatbuddy the aeros and the MM. When I start a new 2x2 or 6x6 Song than I hate it to go into the player 1-6 Page to press on one of that switches . What I really like to prefer is just a single play button for every recording track. That would helps me a lot. So maybe it’s possible to do this with the External Footswitch ? Thx in advice … Sorry for my poor English

id like to see that it is an option to program it I really need this

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Hey there,

The only way to do this is by using the Custom Mode, it is not possible to create a setting to change it on the default modes.

Learn more about the MIDI Maestro app and how to make your own custom mode here:

Learn how to make a duplicate of a default mode at this time stamp

Make sure you have the latest app and firmware on your MIDI Maestro

Thanks for the question!