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Does anyone look at that? I’m still creating tons of songs, but posting them in the Beats forum seems to be a dead end. Little if any feedback, and it’s a poor way to organize a library of songs.

In looking at the Resources section, the one thing that seems to be missing is user feedback on the resource. I think that’s a very important function. I love how it has versions.

What I don’t like about the site, is that 1) you can’t upload your own stuff, 2) you have no idea when anything was updated, 3) its nearly impossible to search.

I’m tempted to make my own resource site, and just post links to it from here.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, it’s hard to please everyone, right? :slight_smile:

But seriously, I have at least 50 songs (all with bass) that I haven’t posted.

I posted a resource to show the effects of midi time signatures, and how the bb reacts to it, but it has zero views, and zero downloads. I think i would have downloaded it just to be curious.

Never looked in the resources section before. Not quite sure whats it about or what it’s purpose is.

I think it’s new, and in response to needing a better way to have a library of songs and kits

I’ll start posting my songs in there and maybe see if it takes off. Their gonna need a sticky thread to alert users to it’s availability.

Did not realise that was there until today. I think it is in response to someone requesting an area like Beatbuddytools where songs can be uploaded, searched and commented on - the problem is I don’t think many know that it is there or what it is for.

It would be nice if views were actually counted and displayed.

Thank you ALL very much for taking the time to create and then upload your songs to Resources.

  • Not sure that Resources isn’t still a work in progress.
  • Downloads are not available (see attached screen shot).
  • I messaged the web admin to ask that they make downloads available.

actually I couldn’t download aash’s file either

First time in resources to me also …
Stu’s ‘Barker time bomb’ also said download not available … but the dropbox dl’d it.
I’ve been away for over a month ( cycling Iceland ) & wondered what happened to Aashideacon’s posts,
now that you’ve added wav’s to the mix it’s really exiciting
always looked fwd to trying out the bass line tunes ( thanks Stu) …
… now I see Phil is getting the hang of bass lines … that is awesome …
I’m resolved to to take a course on Reason …
I want in on this, but my old brain doesn’t comprende!
Keep up the good work guys …Big fan here :wink:
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I’m not allowed to see it ??

Instead of posting, I occasionally send songs to Phil, who always finds my mistakes :slight_smile: This is why we need comments, and why versioning is important. I know Stu has also said that he has upgraded songs as he has played them. Crowdsourcing this endeavor will get us to a robust library!

Also, I know certain changes are coming that are going to make us all improve certain songs we have! cough500notelimitcough

^ You post em …I’ll play em :wink:

Maybe we can use the forum for discussion of the resource, if the resource itself doesn’t have comments. As @Phil will tell you, sometimes it takes 8-10 back and forths to get a song correct. Also, I’ve created a few tricks that make older songs which were impossible to play, now easy to play (mostly due to workarounds for the 500 note limit).

By the way, if you have a midi loop that is longer than 500 notes, but half of them are zero velocity ones, I can convert them to note-offs, which will allow them to be used. There is a slight trade off, in that the note will usually sound until another note is played, but most basslines are busy enough that they are constantly playing. I have another program which simply analyzes a midi snippet to count the kinds of notes, or in verbose mode, actually print out everything that’s in the file.

The BB crew has updated the permissions, as some of you already discovered.

Everyone can now download the files that have been posted by folks like Guitar Stu who has uploaded 30+ of the songs (most with bass) he has crafted. :smiley:

Thanks for this! One question: is there a way to enable comments on a Resource? I’d love to know if there are errors or suggestions for improvement, or general questions.

I just stumbled upon the Resources section and it’s awesome. I hope everyone continues to upload to that to create a central place.

Maybe a stick or a note on top on of forums letting everyone know and to encourage people to use that?

I just uploaded another “test” type song, and I put in the link to the forum version of the upload. I guess we can use that for commenting.

We could upload the post to Resources, the announce the new upload in Beats/Genre, and include that link in the resource, for feedback.

I’d be willing to go through other’s posts and upload them to the resource section if they aren’t there. My name would be under them, but I would attribute them to the creator.

All this sounds great and I don’t see why another “Column” could be added just for comments on corrections or ideas as well. There seems to be enough room to do this, or have an attached folder for such purposes for comments and such.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting to post all my stuff because I didn’t want to have to do it more than once.