Restoring Aeros System Software from Scratch?

My Aeros is acting weird in multiple ways. I’ve powered it completely off several times.

  1. WIFI says it’s disconnected. I go into WIFI and I see my router and when I try to connect to it, it (usually) connects but says NO SERVER. Then changes to DISCONNECTED.

  2. When in 2x2 mode, I can record a loop on the first part but when I try recording the next part, it starts glitching and replaying the first second of part one and gets in a weird hiccup loop. 2x2 mode can’t use 2nd track

I tried the same thing in 6x6 and it seems to work just fine. What should I do to fix this? Do a full system restore? I can’t connect to the internet.

Go here and follow the directions for downloading and installing the firmware when your WIFi does not work

If you still can’t maintain a WiFi connection and resolve your looping issues, it’s best to contact

Let us know what you did to get it working properly.

This appears to have been fixed by restarting the router.

@NYHC is this something you can help with? Other than reinstalling f/w 5.1.1, I am unable to help.

It seem to be a midi problem
What the connection? I see Midi In and out on the Aeros ?
Need information about the connection

Who is the Master ?

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That’s a great question. I was playing around with Beat Buddy being master or Aeros and vice versa. I think I’m currently setup as Aeros master but I did have in and out MIDI cables going into the BB and Aeros. That could be what’s confusing it. I’ll unplug the unused connection when I get home and let you know. Thanks!

Well that was the problem. Having a MIDI cable in both IN and OUT to the BB was the issue. Thanks guys!