Rock 11 transition erratic

If your playing your rock 11 beat and transitioning to verse 2 you might notice that the transition fill sometimes play a four bar fill.

the default is 4 bar fill so you might wanna edit midi to fit one bar

I have noticed sporadic behavior on the transitions as well. Sometimes it will play multiple bars of a transition fill and sometimes it will play only the last bar. It seems to vary on the song. I haven’t tested this, but I wonder if the ones that have a Crash on beat 1 of the next measure (on the hidden in the editor view) always play the full transition? It also seems like it might have something to do with the length and format of the main beat? I’d really like get an understanding of how it decided where in the transition beat it’s going to land ("first measure, or last measure).

Hi there, what version of the BB firmware are you guys using?

latest 4.0.1

I’m still on the latest 3. I have a 2 week gap between shows now though so my plan was to try to upgrade to the latest and check out Playlists.

I would ask you to please try out version 4.1.2 before a gig (good rule of thumb never try betas first time live), it is very stable and has already gone through one open beta run.

There were issues in 3.9.9. and possibly 4.0.1 with some outros/content playing incorrectly which should be fixed in this version

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