Rock with bass drumset

Hi everyone,
I’m a total newbie and so have been downloading some free content and I got a whole load of stuff from GuitarStu - 57Strummer - some of it with bass. Now I see I need to also download the Rock with Bass drumset. Where do I get that from please?

This search might help get you closer to what you are looking for

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Any luck? I’m 10 months behind you attempting to locate Rock with Base Myself

I got to this through persist’s search link:

Why is there no bass with this? Isn’t that the whole point? imported and played it but it’s just a straight forward drum set with no bass.

There is bass with this kit but the bass guitar notes are located from 62-88 so if the song you’re trying to play does not have the bass notes in that range, you will not hear the bass. This is what the song would look like in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor

You probably are not using the drum set that the song calls for which in your situation, might be a kit with the bass notes located 02-31 and this is what it would look like

I honestly have no idea what you’re showing me or what you’re talking about. This is what I mean about the gaps in the training and support tutorials. I don’t even know where to look for this information. I imported and exported this kit as is…if it is supposed to be drums + bass, why would I need to do anything to get it to play as such? Additionally, I can only play it on my computer. I can’t even find it in the pedal because all I have in the pedal is the list of songs…once again…a gap in the training support…where do I find it on the pedal? As someone who works in this field creating training content and supporting guides, this is very shoddy support.

By the way, the MIDI menu is completely greyed out…and now, I can’t even get the drum component of this to play on the computer.

The Beat Buddy is a drums pedal. So if you want to play it things it’s not born for, you definitely enter the world of workarounds, tweaking and the like. Which tends to be inhabited by nerds.

On the one hand, Singular Sound seem to be proud of the further capabilities of their baby, on the other hand there is clearly no support for those things. And is not meant to be. The only support you may get is by that tweaking folks themselves. Who may or may not be wanting to help everybody.

Basically, those tweaking capabilities arise from the MIDI standard the BB is using for defining the different drum sounds and when they are to be played. In MIDI, drum sets are handled like a piano - certain sounds are attributed to certain keys (which are numbered). But a MIDI instrument may have up to 127 sounds - which a normal drum set doesn’t have and a standard piano doesn’t either. So the ‘plus bass’ drumsets use some of that space for the regular drum sounds and some space for the bass sounds - which leads to an ‘instrument’ (drum set) that consists of multiple instruments in one.

But there is no standard at all for that. Moreover, the usual range for standard bass notes is in the middle which is already occupied by the basic drum sounds (in MIDI standard as well as in the BB). This only allows for two ‘solutions’: move the needed bass notes (some octaves) below or above the notes of the drum set. Both solutions exist. Two ‘standards’ seem to have evolved in the ‘user generated content’ world: Bass notes in the MIDI range of notes #0…31 or #62…91.

So if you get a song from the ‘user generated content’ part and want to play it with bass, you need
a) the right song containing bass notes information;
b) the right drum set containing bass sounds at the very same MIDI range. To be sure, you’d need two different drum sets with bass to check which will play the bass notes.

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