Roll With the Changes in A – TPBK

REO Speedwagon

I’m calling this a ‘two’ press with bass and keys (organ and piano). All my BB work is for live use. We use OPx for some well-recognized widely appreciated songs that may not necessarily be extended solo vehicles. On those where our lead guitarist can earn his money the well-known tune runs as expected on the first press (in the Intro slot) but I include a loop that as usual automatically follows the main song (in the Main Drum Loop section) and kick in the outro when he’s had enough – hence the two presses.

Thanks to @Bwin for the initial file. I added some keys parts and adjusted volumes and notes to fit the @Phil_Flood kit in A. I use my favorite (and free) CollaB3 organ plugin with REAPER and Phil’s kit comes close.

I use “Press” to start songs and the ’immediate’ setting for ‘cue fill’ on the pedal so the downbeat of the outro comes in correctly.

Drum Kit : Santana Piano and Organ

Includes : Chords and lyrics notated for this file.

Roll With the (71.5 KB)

Awesome! You cleaned it up nicely and I can take a 10 minute solo. It’s actually hard to screw up the solo in this song - (though I’ll never sound quite like Gary R.) Thanks C49.

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Glad you approve. Having the backbone you made to work from was critical. Songs like these encourage me to stubbornly persist digging into REAPER. I must have accumulated close to 0.01% knowledge after hours working on such songs…enough to be dangerous.