Rythmes ballad bongo conga

Hi, I have searched in the library, I can’t find what I’m looking for, simple rhythms for ballads with only bongos and congas percussions. Anyone know where I can find this?

Choose a rhythm you like and then choose the percussion drumset, won’t that work?

The mapping won’t be correct.

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He’s right, you would have to create an entirely new MIDI track that re-arranges the hits to the typical conga sounds on other drumsets, or you would have to create your own drumset with wavs and define the congas and bongos to take place where you need them. Not an easy task in either respect, but the former seems more doable and easier.

Houla, I don’t feel capable of doing this. The ballad pack is fine except that there is only battery. Too bad singular sound doesn’t do that sort of thing.

I’ll see if I can work up a kit. Besides bongos and congas, what would you want in a kit?

Nothing else, but for this creation, will there be an intro, an end and some fill in. I find it very important. Anyway, thank you if you can do it.


If you make a drumkit, you only have to do it once. :slight_smile:

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Thats a nice bunch of sounds Phil, how would one go about getting a kick in there? :thinking:

The OP wanted bongos and congas, so I put the low conga in the 36 (C1) kick position. If you want a kick, I could add one to the alternate kick position at B0.

If you would that would be great im just messing with it here and its sounds very good. Great sounds for a 1or 2 piece setup

Done. Check the original post for Ballad Congas.

I do not understand your message. Is this a creation for conga bongo ballads? and if so, how can i install it?

Fantastic, thanks Phil :+1:

The installation instructions are on the page at the link above. This is a kit that allows you to substitute a conga and bongos kit for the Ballad kit.