Samplers in the BeatBuddy

Hello again, I play a Roland Fr 18 accordion and I need Loops For Rockbilli, Norteña Mexicana music and tambourine rhythms from the Basque country, is it possible to load them in some way in the BetBuddy? Thank you

If you have the drum beats as midi, the midi drums parts can be loaded into a Beat Buddy song.

If I have them, how would it be done, thank you very much

This might help.

LBDM (actually LBDM 4BB) is the name of a beats and drumkits package that I developed for Beat Buddy.

Great! this will help me! thanks you know if there is any option to use the Beatbuddy with batteries?

It’s probably possible with an external connection to a battery, but a standard 9volt battery will supply power for only a few minutes. You would need something the size of a motorcycle battery to have any amount of useful power, and, of course, it would need to be 9 volts, not 6 or 12.

Phil, Hello again, i wanted to use two rhythms at the same time as rumba one with drum sound and another with percussion sound, is it possible to do it somehow in the Beatbuddy ?, I also have the Beatbuddy mini.
Thank you very much for your answers, they help me a lot to understand the pedal

Are wanting to use the same rhythm doubled with different drums, or two independent rhythms on top of one another? Do you have the rhythms as midi files? If so, send them to me, and I’ll make a tutorial that show you how.

I want to use the same duplicate rhythm with different drums and also if you can, two independent rhythms on top of each other.

Thanks again for your help, I’m doing the midis files as you explained to me on my mac, and the Logic X I also use this program, now I have a problem, how do I copy two equal rhythms into a set list? For example, in my set list I want to put the same rhythm of Punk 1 twice but with different tempos,

You need to give the second instance a new name. I suggest putting the tempo into the name. Ex. Punk 1 100bpm and Punk 1 130bpm.

Great!!! a question, to remove the sd card from the pedal, can it be with the pedal on? or it does not matter

It generally does not matter however, when updating the firmware or starting with a fresh SD card, recommend power off to pedal before inserting card.

Hello, do you know if there is any way to put percussion sounds like tambourine or percussion of the Indian that I have in Logic X exporting in some format that BBmanager can read?.
I downloaded several libraries from the Premium Library website but I can not find tambourine or percussion sounds to play with accordion

Tambourine is in the version 1.1 drum kits. By Indian, do you mean tablas, etc?

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Where can I find version 1.1? drum kits?, I’m looking for tambourine-only rhythms, type the video I send you and forró rhythms, forró brasil, or rhythms to play northern music, because I play diatonic accordion Roland fr 18.

Ok. You would need to build your own drum kits using your own samples for those.

1.1 drumkits are here.